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New DNA Technology In USA Providing More Accurate Health Results

We've all had blood tests, and now we can take a DNA test to evaluate our health. This new technology uses blood and saliva samples to measure genetic markers and biomarkers, including hormone and vitamin levels.

We've all had blood tests, and now we can take a DNA test to evaluate our health.

This new technology uses blood and saliva samples to measure genetic markers and biomarkers, including hormone and vitamin levels. Doctors can then isolate imbalances and underlying causes allowing them to apply a specific treatment program that go in-line with a patients unique DNA roadmap.

The difference between a blood test and this DNA test is that it integrates the genetics of a person, and the results give doctors an incredibly accurate tool to calculate how much medicine to recommend. The doctors and the patient can choose whether to incorporate pharmaceutical, supplements and or nutraceuticals. Blood tests aren't as detailed or as individualized. Individualization is a way of the future and is proving to have successful results. We have witnessed that works for one person, does not work for another. No human body is exactly alike and therefore this technology has emerged to ensure an individualized process. When blood analysis is hooked up with genetics, everyone gets extremely individualized results.

Science has been used to our advantage for centuries including DNA experimentations that have been used by researchers as a molecular tool to explore physical laws and theories, such as the theory of elasticity, the ergodic theorem, and now to solve patient's ongoing health impediments. Typically, a patient would want to have this test taken if they're experiencing consistent suffering, low energy, brain fog, and/or they're having difficulty losing weight, often due to stress. These are factors that typical doctors do not treat because the person is still within 'normal limits' shown by a simple blood test.

Integrated Genetic Solutions (IGS) in partnership with Empire City Labs is the leader in this form of testing and explains that testing our DNA gives far more accurate results then just a regular blood test because we all have different DNA mutations.

DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid, a material present in living organisms as the main constituent of genes, and a carrier of genetic information. DNA was first isolated in 1869 by Friedrich Miescher. Then in 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick identified its molecular structure by whose model-building efforts were guided by X-ray diffraction data obtained by Rosalind Franklin. The unique material properties of DNA have made it an attractive molecule for material scientists and engineers. These are notable advances in the field of DNA and testing has been fundamental in the development of many scientific fields.

IGS founder Jonathan Orban used this technology to heal his body. After being in the Special Forces as a field surgeon, he became an athlete until a car hit him and had some major damage done to his body, which obviously required some extreme restorative attention. What followed were significant therapy exercises and an interest in what drives body chemistry and a partnership with a Medical Doctor. He wanted to know what are the primary drivers of body chemistry and how do we get people to where they need to be.

Patrick Fratellone, MD has been practicing Functional Medicine in New York for the past 25 years and is among one of the thirty doctors in the United States to incorporate IGS with his patients. "Many people are taking multiple drugs to help with their health issues, but are unaware they are taking some unnecessary things and may have even been overprescribed. Some their body may even be rejecting. We don't need to be putting "fillers" into our body just 'because'. If we don't need them we shouldn't take them and especially if our body is not absorbing them," said Dr Fratellone.

Scientists are also discovering genetic defects when an individual has been intoxicated with heavy metals, and are not able to detox, which leads to chronic disease like heart disease and Parkinson's. The driving principle of this IGS DNA test is to look at all of this. Following the initial IGS consultation, a customized wellness program is developed to balance the patient's unique body chemistry, and their tailored program can be custom-compounded, often reducing a complex list of ingredients into a few simple capsules. Quarterly follow-up tests provide measurable metrics and allows programs to be adjusted as the patient's body chemistry recovers. This technology can provide us the difference in accuracy we may have been looking for.

Brian C. Moraes, D.O. Internal Medicine Associates explains "This is the breakthrough in medicine that I have been waiting for. For the first time in my medical career, I am able to fine-tune even my healthiest patients and offer them a personalized prescription for optimal health. The IGS platform takes into account the multitude of variables that makes each person unique. No other test available today comes close to achieving the level of detail provided by IGS. Just as impressive is the relatively low cost to the patient." This DNA test is covered by insurance just like other tests performed by medical doctors.

DNA testing can also help with that frustrating belly fat around the middle section which Dr Fratellone says is "Due to cortisol levels from stress, and a lot of foods and supplements actually cause that." Most weight loss programs are not customized to ones specific genetic makeup; therefore most programs don't work for all patients. With laboratory certified DNA and blood testing, IGS doctors are able to find the right balance of hormones, vitamins, nutrition and exercise to bring patients to their unique optimal levels - making weight loss a lot easier.

A blood test will give us results and show if we are "within" normal limits, but does not provide as intricate details about our genes. For example after a blood test the doctor might say to you, do more Vitamin D, more protein, more iron etc but what the DNA test does is say exactly how much Vitamin D, how much supplements you need for your hormones, your tester one levels are at 200 you should be at 700 and here is how to get to that, etc. This also accounts for current lifestyle factors that a person may be going through that include elevated stress and divorce for example, instead of shooting from the hip giving dozens of calculations.

The patients who have tried this are already reporting more energy, weight loss, less mental fog and general wellness. It is giving doctors a new architecture platform to provide patient's results of where they are and can more accurately show them - this is where you need to be.

With all the emerging technology it's advantageous to be informed of what is new and actually working to help our health. IGS is the first company in the USA to capture both blood and DNA and base recommendations off that. We are witnessing an important time in history right. IGS was the cover story of MTHFR.Net in July on March 16, 2006.

Testing our DNA is corroborating to be helpful in improving our health. If you want to find out more visit