13/06/2016 11:06 BST | Updated 14/06/2017 06:12 BST

Grow Up America: An Open Letter

Over the weekend we experienced yet another series of fatal and un-necessary shootings in the USA, and it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, and yet it always does.

This weekend we were also blessed with the "Largest Mass Shooting Ever in US History". No surprises there. Why? Because America, you will not give up your guns.

The argument of gun control has been discussed over, and over, and yet nothing has been done about it. Still.

Yes , it's in the 4th amendment to have the right to bear arms, but it's an amendment - and AMENDMENT - to be amended as we progress as a society.

Slavery, anyone?

I grew up in Australia when the Port Arthur massacre happened in 1996, and as soon as that tragedy happened, Australia did something. THEY DID SOMETHING. Instantly, gun laws were enforced, and only those who NEEDED weapons, such as farmers, were given licensed.

That was the turning point. You needed a licence. You were vetted. You were ensured to be responsible. They didn't take away all of the guns, but they made sure that they knew who owned them, and why they needed them.

I remember the image of all of the guns being shipped safely out of society, and the country hasn't looked back.

Australia acted on a tragedy, and today the country is better off for it. Since the Port Arthur massacre 20 years ago, there have been zero shootings in the country. Zero.

In the past year, there have been 133 shootings in the USA alone.

When will the country learn? When a shooting occurs, people are so quick to offer their condolences, and "pray for the victims and their families". The outcries of "when will we do something?" trend around Twitter. The prayers on social media posted safely from their homes where likely an automatic shotgun is nearby in the cupboards as their children play. Why is it there? So you can protect your kids from those every day burglaries? Why not take a leaf out of every other country and just grab a baseball bat.

Why does the every man need a GUN?

Of course, people fight back with that old adage: "Guns don't kill people. People kill people". Wake up - guns DO kill people. That shooting wouldn't have happened if the killer didn't have easy access to a gun, where he used his own hands to pull the trigger and kill 50 people.

Maybe we can use that excuse for everything? "Donuts don't cause obesity. People cause obesity". No, I'm pretty sure it's all that high fructose corn syrup that's laden in all of the foods, that people choose to eat. If that donut wasn't in the store, people wouldn't eat it.

But you know what, America? This won't be the last shooting, because you don't DO anything about it. Praying will do fuck all, because you as a country, refuse to act on what you say should change.

"Oh Columbine, what a tragedy, how can our students feel safe in schools?"

"Sandy Hook - how could this happen?"

"Aurora, what a tragedy"

And now, Orlando. Shame on a country where pre-schoolers get killed in class and you don't do anything about it. What a selfish act as a nation.

Tonight, every American should sit down and re-watch "Bowling For Columbine" - that eye opening documentary by Michael Moore. It is obvious why this keeps happening. It happens because you hand out guns like they are the 7th beer free in every 6 pack. The next time a shooting happens, and it will happen, don't act surprised, or concerned, because each and every one of those 133 shootings in the past year was a chance to do something about it.

You pride yourselves on being the leading nation, but you're not leading at all. You're so far behind other great countries who have a clue in how to live as a society. Stop being so stubborn, and work together as a nation to become one of the best again. Stop killing each other. Stop being so small minded that you think it's actually a good idea to give out guns to kids like it's candy. Learn from your lessons, and act. Stop talking, stop praying, and just act. It will take time to adjust, but when a pre-schooler can go to class and learn the alphabet rather than being sent home in a body bag, you will know it's worth it.

The next time there is a mass shooting, the blood is not just on the killer, but on the hands of very person in America who refuses to give up their weapons for the collective good of the country.

Grow up America. Just grow up.