07/06/2017 09:42 BST | Updated 07/06/2017 13:12 BST

Why Fifty Is The Magic Number For A Happy Relationship... And It's Nothing To Do With Fifty Shades Of Grey!

Everyone's got a favourite number, and for me as a matchmaker, the magic number is 50. Why? Well, every relationship is different, but the bottom line is that you both need to give 50:50.

Sounds simple, right? But you'd be surprised how many people don't! And I know, because their other halves are coming to me, asking me to fix them up with someone new! It doesn't matter who puts the bins out, or who wears the trousers. It doesn't matter if one of you likes lie-ins, and the other likes to get up with the lark. It doesn't even matter if one of you is a vegan and the other lives on veal. Differences are OK - the point is, you both need to bring something to the relationship. It's like building a house - you need the basic foundations for the house to stay up, just like you need to give 50:50 for a relationship to stay strong.

I like a bit of chivalry, and I'm happy to let a man pay for the first date. In fact, I think they should - and many of my millionaire clients agree. They're more than happy to pick up the tab for tickets to the National Theatre or dinner at Daphne's. They're pleased to book flights to Barbados, or pay the mortgage on a mews in Chiswick. But, you do need to take turns to treat each other - I cannot emphasise this enough!

Maybe you're not a millionaire yourself, but there are lots of ways to spoil your other half. Primark sells lacy lingerie sets for under a tenner, and I've never known a man who didn't like to be surprised with no knickers at all! You can slip a love note (or a sex-cheque!) in your partner's briefcase, or send them a saucy snap at lunchtime. You can take some tips off Nigella and learn to cook to their favourite food - maybe you'll serve it up with nothing under your apron!

But it's not all about the libido - you need to pay attention, to show you really care. I've noticed that a lot of the younger generation don't live in the real world. When I go for dinner, I see them all online. Young couples taking photos of their food for Instagram, or checking in on Facebook, instead of paying attention to the gorgeous face sitting opposite them! I say, get out of the virtual world and focus on what's in front of you! And here's some advice for young guys in particular - take a proper look at the lady on the other side of the table, and appreciate the effort she's made to get ready! She hasn't tried on three outfits for the fun of it, and she isn't wearing that g-string for the comfortable fit!!

Every one of us needs to work at our relationships, whether they're brand new or whether they've been ticking along for some time. Brainstorm ways to bring the spark back - and never underestimate the power of Champagne. As I say to my clients, "bring out the fizz for a guaranteed jizz!" It's a bit crude, but it sums it up - and it applies to men and women equally! And if one of you is on a diet, there's always Skinny Prosecco!

Relationships are an equal two-way street, so if you've read this, and realised you're not giving 50% I suggest you go home tonight and work on your relationship, before the fizz goes flat!

Love Lisa x