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Could It be the Night You'll Be Getting the 'Pie and Chips?!' - An Expert's Guide to Dating...

Dress to impress! First impressions do count and we all judge a book by its cover as much as we like to pretend we don't! We sum a person up within the first 30 seconds based on how they dress and what they look like.

Could it be the night you'll be getting the 'Pie and Chips?!' - An expert's guide to dating...

I'm dating expert, Lisa Palmer and I am here to help you navigate your way through the minefield that is the dating world!

The date may not be perfect but your style certainly can be!

Get date ready in just 10 easy steps:

1. Dress to impress! First impressions do count and we all judge a book by its cover as much as we like to pretend we don't! We sum a person up within the first 30 seconds based on how they dress and what they look like. You do need to wear something comfortable, as if you have on a really short skirt you may not be able to sit comfortably which will result in you not being able to relax (which could be catastrophic!).

2. Don a pair of heels! Ladies heels are great to wear on a date as they give you good posture, making you stand tall, this aids you in looking more confident.

3. Visualise! What I want you to do before the date is to visualise yourself walking into the pub. Just before you walk in, remember a funny joke, or something that makes you laugh, as this will take the nerves away for a short period and make you smile. You will then look comfortable and relaxed when walking in. A jittery and nervous entrance can make for a bad first impression.

4. Go for a walk! If you're really feeling anxious another way to release the tension before the date is hit the gym or go for a walk. This will release endorphins which will aid you in feeling chilled, happy and ready to impress! This being said please make sure you don't pen & ink, have a shower after!

5. Get in the mind set! Before you go on the date, play the date out in your mind. For example, you met Mr X (hopefully X will be replaced by right soon enough!), you laugh, you talk, you enjoy good food, or drink, then you exchange details and have a snog (well if he's cute). If you play it out in your mind like this prior to the date and it is all positive, you will have a good energy and positivity about it before you even go. Plus you can plan for any eventualities that may leave you stumped on the night.

6. Plan things to discuss! If you're really worried about conversation then plan beforehand. I would suggest thinking of few things that you can discuss, without giving too much away, as an air of mystery is good to keep a man intrigued.

7. Give yourself a reality check. Don't go into the date thinking that he is the future Mr Huffington Blog reader! It could be a new friend, or perhaps he is not your type or he's bit boring. No matter what the outcome at the end of the date, be sure to look on it as a good experience. Practice makes perfect and it will only make you more confident for the next date. Every experience whether good or bad is a great learning curve and we can all take something away from every situation.

8. Deal with any issues. Sit down for five minutes in peace and quiet and ask your inner self why you are so worried. If you don't deal with the issue that is holding you back it normally makes it worse. This is something I speak about with a lot of my clients. They often say to me, what if it goes wrong? My answer: well what if it goes right? 9 times out of 10 the date you are meeting will be feeling exactly the same, so stop beating yourself up about the situation. It could be fun night out and you might actually enjoy yourself!

9. Have a date kit in your bag! This should include perfume, breath freshener, tissues (in case of a sudden run of the nose and sniffing is NEVER attractive!) and lastly, your get out in case of emergency excuse (written down), just in case you do need to make a swift exit. If you are prepared then you have nothing to worry about.

10. Clean the sheets! If you have been on a few dates and tonight's the night you think you could be getting the pie and chips then make sure you have sorted your shag pad! So clean sheets must be on, rooms tidied and febreezed and of course no awkward photos of your ex on the bedside cupboards! And if you know, tonight is THE night, be sure to pack a toothbrush and pair of pants in your date kit!

So now you're covered what are you waiting for?! Go and enjoy yourself! And remember this is the exciting part as once you're married you will look back with fond memories and miss all the early, exciting days. Unfortunately the butterfly moments don't last forever and soon you'll be dealing with questionable nappies and sleepless nights which can certainly dampen the sex drive! So make the most of it, don't be afraid!

As a dating expert by trade I have advised many people on the world of dating and have my own dating site,, which has been featured in Woman's Own magazine. Remember: 1 in 4 relationships start on the internet so it is a fab place to start!


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