30/08/2011 20:05 BST | Updated 30/10/2011 05:12 GMT

The Eyelash Effect: From TOWIE to Miss Piggy, Lashes are Back

For me, it was Miss Piggy that started it. The "eyelash effect". The way she used to flutter those lashes at Kermit. I was hooked.

For me, it was Miss Piggy that started it. The "eyelash effect". The way she used to flutter those lashes at Kermit. I was hooked. For those of you too young to remember, she's back this year in the new Muppets film. Watch her, you'll see what I mean...

Lashes are back in a BIG way, and semi-permanent lash extensions are more popular than ever. On a recent jaunt home to Essex, I was gob-smacked by the amount TOWIE-esq young girls sporting super glued, Tarantula style, lashes. Don't get me wrong, I love a full flutter as much as the next girl, but, where to draw the line? By the time these girls reach the ripe old age of 30 are they going to end up with bald eyes?

"Six week" eyelash extensions are all well and good for a special occasion. BUT, and it's a big but, "renewing" them time after time could lead to problems. Think of them like hair extensions: the glue needs to be pretty strong to last six weeks; they don't all fall out at the same time, therefore you're left with gaps, and, when they do come out, they (more often than not) pull the hair out with them.

I've worked with many a celebrity who's partial to an ongoing lash extension, and I've spent a lot of time filling in the gaps...

So, can we work with what we've got and create the same effect? I think we can..

Eyelash curlers are key. They make a huge difference when creating a "wide eyed" look. Try and get as close to the root of the lash as you can, then press hard on the curler so your lashes ping upwards. Curl on the inner and outer edges and repeat until you're happy with the effect. Try the Cosmopolitan Eyelash Curler, (Boots RRP £4.14).

Use a mascara with a good thick brush. Wide tooth, spindly brushes tend to clog the lashes. You need the brush to coat each individual lash. Again, start at the root of the lash for the first two coats, to thicken and separate, then apply to the ends to extend the length. Repeat on the bottom lashes. Diorshow Mascara in Black, is my favourite! (Debenhams RRP £22)

Add individual Lashes. I LOVE individual lashes and use them on most of my shoots. The great thing about these lashes is you can make them as natural or dramatic as you like. Make sure you use the strip lash glue then you can pull them off easily (without damage) at the end of the day. I find they stay in place well with Eyelure Lash Adhesive, (Debenhams RRP £4.60)

For a natural "lift" use a medium size lash on the outer edges of you eyes, If you're after the TOWIE look, use a mixed box, using the medium on the inner and large on the outer corners. For a really dramatic effect, add more lashes and extra mascara. The easiest way to apply the lashes is to sit at a table and look downwards in to a compact mirror. Take the lash with some tweezers, add the glue, and apply on top of your lash. I always apply mascara before applying the lashes, then you can add as and if needed. I like Ardell Dura Lash Individuals (Boots RRP £5.11)

Try a lash enhancing serum. I was a bit wary when I first heard about this, as I would be any new product for eyes, but they stock Rapid Lash at Boots so I thought I'd give it a go. I've been applying it every night for 3 weeks and it seems to be working! My lashes are definitely thicker and longer. It's a miracle! Actually its not, it works by utilizing polypeptides ( a bonding component of hair) to improve length, thickness and volume and contains proteins and vitamins to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage. For me, it's a lash revelation! (Rapid Lash, Boots RRP £40.84)

So there you have it, you can create the perfect flutter and keep hold of your lashes along the way. Remember, you've only got two pairs!