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Seven Holiday Season Survival Tips for Singles

No matter what your relationship status, this is the most wonderful time of year and you should enjoy it! We've compiled our top holiday survival tips for singles, so that you may have your (fruit) cake and eat it, too.

There is a lot of pressure around the holiday season to be overly happy; filled with cheer, peace and merriment, basically bursting with joy and candy canes. For many singles though, the holidays are a time when, at every turn, they are reminded of the things they don't have, namely a loving relationship or at least someone to accompany them to their work Christmas party. No matter what your relationship status though, this is the most wonderful time of year and you should enjoy it! We've compiled our top holiday survival tips for singles, so that you may have your (fruit) cake and eat it, too.

Establish your own traditions.

Chances are your Facebook and Instagram feeds are filling up with photos of couples posing in-front of their Christmas trees, but you don't need a significant other to establish your own meaningful holiday traditions. Make a date with some friends to have wine, cookies and decorate your Christmas tree, have a holiday movie marathon in bed or plan a festive holiday dinner at a restaurant you've been meaning to go to.

Treat yourself!

Think of it this way-being single means you don't have to buy a boyfriend or girlfriend any gifts, so use some of the money you're saving to buy a special gift for your one true love...yourself! Make sure you buy something that you've really been wanting, not just a candy bar or pair of socks. Bonus points if you wrap it and put it under the tree.

Maintain your fitness.

Is there anything worse than waking up on 1 January, feeling terrible about yourself and wishing you hadn't consumed so many treats over the last month? Well, of course there are plenty things that are worse, but it's certainly not fun to kick the new year off feeling insecure. Sticking to your fitness and health plan through the holidays will not only keep your endorphins flowing, it will ensure that you start out 2014 feeling like the best version of yourself.

Start now.

Right after the new year, most online dating sites see a huge increase in memberships, which makes perfect sense, since this is when the resolutions start flowing. However, why wait and get lost in the shuffle? If you want to find love, start now. Get your online dating profile up and who knows, you might someone dashing to be your New Years eve kiss!

Give back.

The best way to take the focus off being single and lonely during the holidays is to help someone else. There are plenty of ways to volunteer this time of year, whether it's serving meals at a homeless shelter or buying gifts for children in need. Sure, you're single and maybe feel a bit sad about it...but it could definitely be a lot worse. Sometimes a bit of perspective can change your entire outlook around!


When you're dating someone during the holidays, you often have to juggle multiple family and friends events and gatherings, and it can get really stressful! Lay back, relax and enjoy the fact that your time is all YOURS this season. Indulge however you like, and if that means you watch four season of How I Met Your Mother on Christmas Eve while drinking a bottle of chardonnay, embrace it! Next year, you might be at some awkward family gathering, meeting the parents and having to be on your best behavior. You've got nowhere to be, no expectations to fulfill... just relax, it won't always be like this!

Make a list and check it twice.

The holidays are a great time to reflect on the past year and plan for the future. Write a list of all the wonderful things you've accomplished-both personal and professional, and once you've finished patting yourself on the back, write a list of your goals for the new year. When it comes to dating and love, what are you hoping for? Do you want to meet someone to settle down with? Are you looking for something more casual? Whatever it is, write it down and commit to finding it in 2014. Starting out the new year feeling great about where you've been, and confident about where you're going is a sure fire way to get what you want.