03/08/2014 15:56 BST | Updated 03/10/2014 06:59 BST

Five Reasons Men Might Think You're 'Needy'

If you were to ask men what the number one thing they can't stand in women is, chances are they'd say something along the lines of "I don't like it when a girl is really need/codependent/watching my every move." Basically, a man will run screaming for the hills if he is afraid he's met a stage five clinger. However, many times a woman will project that she's needy without even knowing it, when that might not be the case! Here are five of the top things women do that scare men into thinking she's needy.

1. Calling or Texting All Day Long

Most men aren't wired for constant, all day communication and get put off when a woman is constantly blowing up their phone, and then even worse, get upset when they don't respond right away. To a guy, what you think is friendly "checking in" every twenty minutes is an indication that you're insecure and demanding of his attention.

2. Interrogate Him Daily

"Where did you go? When did you get home? Who was there? Who did you talk to? Were there any girls there? Why didn't you call me when you got home? Who just emailed you?" I think I've made my point. If you treat a guy like he's on trial on the daily, he's going to feel like you're looking for something to be upset about, or worse, that you're like his mom, always getting into his business and bossing him around.

3. 'Surprising Him'

It's one thing to pop in to surprise your guy on his birthday or drop off lunch at his work when he forgot it at home, but it's evident when your spontaneous arrival is just an excuse for you to check up on him. For example, if you know he's out at a boy's night at the local bar, you won't fool anyone when you just happen to show up at the same place, at the same time. You're watching him, he knows it, and chances are he's starting to feel like a caged animal.

4. Make Him Choose Between His Friends, Family and YOU

There is nothing more attractive to most men than a girlfriend who not only doesn't complain when he wants to hang with the guys, but actually encourages him to spend time with other people! Alternatively, there is nothing worse than a woman who whines and cries when her boyfriend makes plans with someone who isn't her. He's then forced to choose between the woman he's dating and friends or family who he loves as well - and it's a terrible position for him to be in, he simply can't win!

5. You Don't Like Doing Things Without Him

Remember the confident woman you were before you meet him? The one with a presumably busy life, friendships to maintain and hobbies to pursue? If all of a sudden you put your life on hold for a guy, he's going to wonder where that girl went-and if he can ever get her back. Ditching out on your friends, your hobbies and goals to make time for a guy will only leave you with a lot of free time... and probably no guy. Most men don't want to feel like they are a woman's only source of happiness and fun-way too much pressure, thanks!