Why Pippa Middleton Should Look to Bollywood for Her Next Boyfriend

15/11/2011 13:39 GMT | Updated 13/01/2012 10:12 GMT

So apparently she is single again. And all the men are rejoicing at another shot at being one step removed from the most celebrated Royal couple on this planet. But I digress, for this piece is about the other Middleton girl.

Speculation is rife that her now ex-boyfriend couldn't cope with the star she had become, that he hated the papparazzi accompanying him wherever they went etc. Read all about it here

But this is why I think Pippa could do better by looking to Bollywood for her next love

1. Since her taste runs to former cricketers, some of the most talented (and with the most lucrative sponsorship deals in the world) in Bombay making a second career in Bollywood.

2. Pippa's said to be a tough and focussed lady, so she could adopt a toyboy a la Liz Hurley and get to work grooming him to be exactly the kind of person she wants ie, tanned and happy to revel in the limelight, which comes easy to most Bollywood stars who have spent their lives being worshipped by a billion adoring fans.

3. Bollywood star families would welcome a world famous personality like Pippa with open arms, given that everyone in India is always keen to emphasise why 'India has arrived on the world stage.' So lots in common, making for happy in-laws all around.

4. Move over being straitlaced and rebuffed for letting your hair down on the dance floor. At most Bollywood weddings the bride is expected to set the dance floor alight and shake a leg with her groom.

5. And just in case you hadn't realised, all good Indian men have their life controlled first by their mothers and then their wives & mother-in-laws. Forget what you have read about the domineering Indian male, we are a matriarchal society. At home the wife wears the pants. Perfect for Pippa...and her mother too.

6. Given the talk of a lucrative book deal, she couldn't do much better than tapping into the thriving Indian print publishing industry now growing at 12% per year, with one quarter of the Indian youth (83 million) identifying themselves as book readers.

7. And just how can Pippa top the second most talked about dress which launched a thousand websites dedicated to her rear? It's simple. Next stop has got to be a diamond studded designer saree. A style which transformed La Gaga herself into a sophisticated romantic.

8. Finally, Pippa would be in good company. Bollywood stars nowadays are really - I mean really - good looking. Check out some of the most luscious of them, immortalised here by Lady Gaga -am sure you will excuse my second reference to her in as many lines- who tweeted "S**** Hollywood. It's all about Bollywood."