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Essential Winter Skin Tips

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Winter is Coming

It's officially autumn, which means winter is just around the corner! So the cold weather is well and truly with us for the foreseeable future. For a lucky few, the chillier climate brings a cute rosy nose and cheeks. But, for others, the lower temperature makes for a battle to keep skin looking soft and subtle - face and body. To prevent season long uncomfortable skin, now is the ideal time to begin our winter skincare routine.

If this call for action against dry skin has sparked your interest, please read on for my essential winter skin tips.....

Keep Hydrated

For longer lasting healthy skin it is essential to start from inside, starting with your water intake.

We hear this advice thousands of times during the hotter months but not so much during the winter, even though this is just as crucial.

It is recommend that adults should be drinking around two litres of water a day especially as your skin is made up of approximately 64% water. Which in turn, means to keep your skin naturally plump and glowing, you have to drink as close to the recommended amount of water as possible throughout the year.

Layer Up on the Moisturiser

We wouldn't dream of wearing the same amount of clothing layers during winter as we do in the summer, this rule should also apply to your moisturising routine.

Make an investment for a good quality, thick moisturiser; one that enriches your skin throughout the day. As well as protects your skin from the elements - such wind, rain and the suns rays.

It is key to remember that even though it isn't hot; the sun and its UV rays are still very much dominant all year round, so it is still crucial to make sure your daily moisturiser has an SPF factor.

Remember to use a different lotion/cream on your face to the one for you body as the formulas are specially designed to suit your skins consistency.

Night Time Repair

At night as you sleep; your skin has a magnificent way of naturally repairing itself. Whilst you're in the wonderful world of your dreams, your body works hard to repair any damage caused during the day - essentially it attempts to reverse it.

I would recommend giving your skin a helping hand by being extra vigilant with your bedtime skincare routine. Every night; thoroughly take off all make up then wash, cleanse and tone as normal. However your routine should be followed with a specially designed skin repair oil or night cream to assist with your skin's self restoration.

Temperature Control

We all know, there is no better feeling than coming in from the cold to a warm home or jumping into a hot bath when you're frozen to your core, but going from the cold to extreme heat can seriously dehydrate your skin.

Your body has a brilliant way of controlling your body temperature and when external factors dramatically change instantly, it sends your body in to a frenzy - this is the reason for that tingling feeling you get when you put cold hands in warm water. You can avoid this by setting your heating to the lowest setting at first, then gradually turning it up to a comfortable temperature.

During the cold months, I would recommend having your bath at slightly above room temperature and to add a bath oil to your favourite bubbles, for extra skin nourishment.

The best time to moisturise your skin is after a bath or shower as your pores are open and are able to absorb the most water to keep your skin hydrated.

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