Paul Smith Winter 2012 Collection. Top Ten Picks.

14/05/2012 17:20 BST | Updated 14/07/2012 10:12 BST

Paul Smith is known for his classic with a twist style. He represents the best of British tailoring and have a special gift to predict tendencies not just in fashion but in the wider world. You are on a safe pair of hands.

His last Winter collection shown in February as part of the London Fashion Week was exceptionally well-crafted and original. It managed to reinvent classics to a new level. Paul was regaling us with a series of well-constructed and well-thought garments. A pleasure and a privilege to wear them.

We were invited to a sneak preview before they hit the shops and were able to appreciate the great patterns closer. Difficult to choose from, but I managed my top ten picks that will give you a taste of what is coming.

1. The sweater. The pattern is just exquisite and with the use of houndstooth fabric: a timeless piece.

2. The see through blouse. Be naughty and play.

3. The coat. You never go wrong with a Paul Smith coat. Smart, elegant and perfect for that job interview

4. The raincoat. You might have notice that in England it rains from time to time. Be prepared with style.

The Bags, because you never have enough of them.

5. The bag with the yellow handle. When the days get shorter, we need an extra bit of sunlight.

6. The timeless sporty bag. It makes you look as if you were the sporty type. So you do not have to.

7. The proper mature bag. It makes you look as a grown up. So you do not have to.

Now, shoes and coats for the boys.

8. The shoe. Smart and wearable anytime event for the summer festivals.

9. The boot. It makes you look taller and cooler.

10. The coat. It keeps you warm.