02/02/2016 07:59 GMT | Updated 02/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Losing Your Hair at 28 and Finally Talking About It!

To many, when your talk about baldness it is mainly related to middle aged men who are grey and frankly rather wrinkly. However, the sad fact is that it is actually happening to more and more young women and even children and the crippling condition is Alopecia.

After getting married in May 2015, I along with many other newlyweds had the perfect image of how you could enjoy the first few years of married life, holidays, socialising. I did not however, think I would be going through the struggles of alopecia. I had a small patch to start with behind my ears and within four months I had lost my whole head of hair. Instead of thinking of our life together and living the bliss of newlyweds, I have been making decision such as which wig should I choose, who is the right doctor to see, what is the right medication to be taking?

I have had many ideas of why this might have happened to me such as stress from planning a wedding, thyroid conditions and many more. The gruelling truth is this is an auto immune condition where your body attacks the hair follicles and it strips you of your identity, self-confidence and your hair, eyelashes, eyebrows if you are one of the very unlucky ones with Alopecia Totalis. I am lucky enough that I have just lost my head of hair.

It's a funny condition, as so many people will think it is just your hair, and you still look the same. I did sometimes feel guilty for being upset and stressed about this Of course it is not life threatening and you are still able to get up in the morning and lead a marginally healthy life but there is no denying there are many new struggles that you are faced with. The hardest thing is doctors have no answers or cure options or indeed support. The only thing you are told is it is Alopecia, your hair may come back, it might not, and it could all change tomorrow!

For young women, being bald is not socially acceptable really although I am sure many of you will disagree. If it was more acceptable for women then you would see more people with shave heads surely? There is no denying that having a bald head is a mortifying fact, I currently wear headscarves to cover up or I have now started wearing a wig for special occasions or when I want to feel a bit more normal. I even notice that people don't know what to say to me with a headscarf and are more embarrassed than I am so usually don't say anything at all. Why should this be a taboo subject? I am as guilty of this as anyone else as I still have never managed to go out without covering up my bald head. It is a simple matter of fact, this is who I am with no hair, I am a bald 28 year old woman!!

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