24/12/2015 06:25 GMT | Updated 23/12/2016 05:12 GMT

A Year of Pain but Some Progress

Without doubt 2015 has been a fraught year with so many terrible events being carried out, too many to mention equally. This in its self is beyond sad and of course has spread more fear and terror then, possibly, ever before. It has also led to some bigger conflicts and clashes between races and religions while the rise of inciting hate through social media seems to have only worsened. If we look at just these broad issues of course it does appear 2015 is a year to really look back at ourselves and wonder what humans are really worth. However, I personally cannot stick by these ideas and just let them go by.

Many may say that inciting hate has been this year's true issue, from terror attacks to American and UK politics. While horrible acts have taken place we have gone against our usual tendencies to help and support each other, with many instead taking to things like Twitter to share their dislike and distrust of certain religions or groups of people without thinking through what they are doing and the effect it could have on people. Nonetheless, while these events did have some people fighting amongst themselves, it also brought up several other issues. Many people were calling our world ugly and disgusting. Many allowed the swathe of negative media to make it sound as though the world was falling apart, as though it wasn't worth saving or that the human race is just a waste of, well, everything. This view, added to everything else, truly frustrated me. People seemed to allow the views of the few and certain media outlets to cloud the true wonder and beauty of this world. From the incredible environment and landscapes around us, to the wonderful creativity every human has somewhere in them. We are an incredible race on an incredible world. While we fight and terror is spread, people seem to want to give all the attention to this; some might say giving the attackers exactly what they wanted. Of course we should all remember those who lost their lives to these vial acts carried out in Paris, across the Middle-East, parts of Africa and Asia across 2015. However, instead of spreading more hate from these events we need to realise that the world is not truly ugly. Some people make it seem that way, but it is not a majority, it does not cover the world. Hate will always occur, but the spreading of it may not have to. Instead of fighting hate with hate, we need to realise that there is so much more to this world and we cannot just go on thinking bombs will fix everything.

These kinds of issues will never be easy to fix, and I have quickly gone over some topics with each one able to take up thousands of words of writing in their own right. This does not mean that 2015 was a year of no progress. Towards the tail end of all these events people were starting to share messages of support, and still are, for those affected, those groups affected and the many who have been miss-represented. Beautiful signs of hope arrived, with many donating to charities and causes to help support people across the globe. These events also spread the message of equal media coverage for all humans, no matter race or country of birth. I believe people are starting to come together, and considering there are 7 billion of us it will always take more than a year. We all have different views, and rightly so, but surely we must all agree that a world focussed on progressing forward and away from hate should always be a slightly better one?