26/04/2017 09:29 BST | Updated 03/07/2017 12:45 BST

Nature: Ways To Get Out Into It More

At the moment it is cold outside, and while our nature seems to be at more risk than ever (Thanks Trump, however kudos to the National Park Service). So I thought it is as good a time as ever to share some of the ways I get out in nature every day of the year, as well as specifically some ideas for winter.

1. Walking and running!

Walking in nature anywhere at any point in the year is truly beautiful! No matter if it is a field full of sheep or a coastal walk, not only does it give you a nice bit of experience and gets you the all important fresh air we all need, but also gets you to see the true beauty of nature. Running during this time of year is even better, although be warned to always wear gloves this time of year! I forgot mine on my run yesterday and nearly lost a hand.

2. Photography

Photography is a great way to get out in nature and not only learn a new skill ,whether it is using your smartphone or a dedicated SLR camera, while also properly appreciating nature and the amazing shots it can give you.

3. Exercise outside

Taking a similar idea from point number 1, exercising outside, whether it is doing yoga and pilates or bodyweight exercise is a great way to get healthy and get outside. This is very much a summer based idea but is a far nicer option then sitting in the gym for an hour a day. Why not take your mat outside, and exercise in your garden or maybe in a nearby field. Either way it is a lovely way to be outside and see and hear nature while getting fit yourself!

4. Read and write!

My personal favourite thing to sit out in nature and do. From reading whatever book of the moment on a blanket in a local woodland, through to writing your first chapter of your novel by a river. Not only is this a lovely way of reading and writing, but being out in nature only gives you more ideas and creativity!

5. Volunteer

My personal favourite way of getting outside during Spring and Summer! Volunteering with any organisation gets you out and about, learning new skills and meeting new people. Volunteering outside with organisations such as the National Trust takes this even further as it gives you a healthy balance to your life and is also something to add-on to the CV.

In all these are just a few simple ways of increasing the time you spend outside. Every one can be done by anyone and most can be done at any time of the year. I hope this small bit of inspiration takes you away to nature!