10/05/2013 07:15 BST | Updated 10/07/2013 06:12 BST

Get the Sex and The City Experience for $500...

At one time in my life I was a Samantha, then I calmed down and became a Carrie although I had the ambition of Miranda (that waned pretty fast after my children were born though). I was never (as those who know me can attest) a virginal Charlotte. Ahem.

In the western world there is no one in their 30s who doesn't know who I'm talking about because the reach of Sex and The City is unparalleled. Whilst it is praised and vilified in equal measure by feminists the world over, there aren't many who would refuse to live the Sex and The City lifestyle... for 24 hours. So just for kicks, I decided to find out how much 24 hours of Sex and The City livin' would set you back (for someone who isn't yet a famous columnist, doesn't already have a husband with a house in the Hamptons, and hasn't slept their way to the top of the PR world).

Presenting the Sex and The City Life for 24 hours... for under $500.

1. The Brownstone Apartment

Living it up in New York can hardly come without a bijou apartment nestled on the Upper East Side. There's no upper limit on this one, but help is at hand. NewYorkStay does have some good deals on apartments in this area compared to the average $300 per night hotel rates the city is famous for. You can pretend you actually live there. They even provide a concierge service (who for an extra generous tip, might be persuaded to call you Ms. Bradshaw). The link goes to an apartment which costs $159 per guest, per night and although it's only two bedrooms it can fit all four of you (you didn't think you'd have a Sex and The City 24 hours on your own did you now?). Anyway, dump your bags...and let's go shopping.

2. The Clothes

You knew it was coming. The one item likely to blow your weekend out of the water as far as dollars were concerned. Clothes (and shoes). But never fear. Carrie's rather eclectic style can be had for cheaper than you think. You won't be able to be a Charlotte (the Pollyanna princess), but you might just get 'carried' away in Century 21 where they sell designer clothes at a discount. (And yes, Carrie did also shop there). Plenty of dresses for less than $50. And the shoes, well they ain't Choos, but they ain't half bad either. Challenge yourself and set a budget of $100.00. Easy.


And now for the...

3. Swimming in Central Park

Or not. Because actually it's not allowed unless you fall in the lake like Carrie & Mr Big. But you can have lunch at The Boathouse next to the lake and then take a pedalo reliving the scene (season 3, finale...shame on you for not knowing). Lunch will set you back around $30 apiece... and a boat (with seating for four, naturally) will cost you $12 an hour. Then get back to the hotel and get dolled up for...

4. The Cosmopolitan

No SATC experience would be complete without a Cosmopolitan (or several), But once again there's little upper limit for such a drink although in many bars you're likely to be laughed out for being so clichéd. If you can't stand being laughed at, my advice is to have a few less obviously cheesy cocktails first and for $12.00 a piece in Pegu Club a "SoHo cocktail mecca [which] is famous for attention to detail, rejection of vodka and superbly mixed cocktails", you'll be able to afford it. How many shall we say...5?

5. The Brunch

There comes a time in a girl's life when you have to choose between partying and eating. It's true. Of course now that I'm a mother, I'd go for eating every time... but if you are going to cut out a meal or two, you might as well do it sensibly and stock up your carb coffers with a great brunch. You'll need them after the night before. And eat enough, you won't even notice you've skipped a meal. If you still have any spare cash after the night out, then you could always add a glass of champagne. I recommend Pastis, where Carrie shared a brunch with The Russian. Eggs benedict, some brioche with fresh fruit and a bloody mary will do nicely thanks. Altogether now, $54.00.

The total cost of 24 hours of Sex and the City Living is $415 and you'll probably need the rest for tips, hot dogs and taxis.

But the value of your night out with the girls? Priceless. Do it, I dare you...