01/05/2013 12:38 BST | Updated 30/06/2013 06:12 BST

Are People Around You Holding You Back From Living Your Dreams?

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Do you ever wish your family or friends were more supportive of your goals?

Do you feel alone and unsupported in the world?

Do you feel destined for bigger things?

I clearly remember handing in my notice at work seven years ago. I walked into my boss's office, with my hands trembling I slid my resignation letter across the table and told him that I was leaving to start my own business and write my first book. It wasn't the normal 'I'm leaving' conversation he was used to having, that I'm sure. It was without doubt the scariest, yet most liberating moment of my life.

When I announced my departure to my friends and colleagues the responses were unexpectedly mixed. As I shared my vision of being an author, talking on stage and helping people around the world, people looked at me like I'd literally lost the plot. It was like I was an alien from another planet talking a different language.

This was a big wake-up call for me. People didn't seem to share my enthusiasm.

The truth is, not everyone wants the same things in life, not everyone has the courage to pursue their dreams and not everyone is willing to take the action necessary to make the change.

Deep within my being (as terrifying as it was) I wanted bigger things for my life. I knew I was here for a reason and I wanted to make my mark on the world, it was almost like a calling from above. I couldn't bear another day wasted doing work that didn't inspire me, working with people who didn't share my ambition and passion for life.

I wanted out.

It takes courage and guts to leave the flock and go your own way, those around you will be skeptical and dubious. As much as our family and friends love us and care for us, they all have their own opinion and idea about what they think we should or shouldn't be doing with our life. And this gets in the way and influences us greatly.

But here's the truth.

People don't like change. What a surprise eh. When they see us forging forward and doing big things, it almost highlights their own inaction and inadequacy to change their own life. And it also scares them, as they may think that the changes you're making will somehow alter your relationship with them. It can be a bitter pill for them to swallow.

People almost need to see your success before they fully get behind your goal.

Believe me, I've been there. Very often my clients experience resistance from those around them as they move forwards towards their goal. This is where having a coach in your corner is invaluable.

The key is not to let others stop you from pursuing your dreams.

So how do you get the support you need in times of change and uncertainty?

Here's what to do.

Remember, you can't change your family or friends.

Your family is your family. Love them for who they are and don't waste your energy trying the change them or convince them that you're right or your big idea will work. Instead, get into action, show them you can do it and find support elsewhere.

Keep you light under a bushel

Much like pregnancy, we keep our special news a secret until we've reached the 12-week milestone. There is nothing sweeter than announcing your new venture to the world once you're well on your way to success. Keep your light under a bushel until you're good and ready otherwise you run the risk of others pouring cold water on your motivation and slowing down your progress.

Find people who share you goal

Finding support is really the difference between you succeeding and failing. When you're working towards a big goal you need people in your corner who can peel you off the floor when you're feeling flattened and who can also celebrate your successes. Those that have support and accountability achieve their goals far quicker and with greater ease. Find support groups, networking groups, online communities or consider hiring a coach or mentor. It makes the world of difference!

Don't live a life of mediocrity just to fit in or please others, be brave, be bold and go for it!

You owe it to yourself.

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