14/05/2014 10:49 BST | Updated 13/07/2014 06:59 BST

How About a Staycation This Summer?

The 'staycation' is back in favour! The rising cost of living, increased holiday costs and the crackdown on children having term-time holidays are all taking their toll on where we decide to holiday. Travelling to a tropical resort isn't your only holiday option. This summer how about considering a "staycation" instead and unwind within (or just outside) your own four walls.

Let's put the world on hold!

Set the date and time for your staycation

Give your staycation a start and end date, otherwise you run the risk of feeling like it's just another week of endless chores and jobs. The idea of a staycation is to have a holiday at home! So, coordinate your calendars, book time off work and settle on specific days you can officially be on staycation.

Staycation budget

Chances are, one big reason for planning a staycation rather than a holiday abroad is that cash is short. Good news: You can take a staycation for next to nothing. An evening at your local pub, inexpensive red wine and pizza at home or a picnic to your local National Trust Estate doesn't have to cost the earth. So, work out how much you've got to spend for your staycation and set a daily budget.

Create a plan

Make a list of all the things you'd like to do on your staycation from day trips, meals out, chill time and so on. Remember this is your chance to get out of your comfort zone and do enjoyable things that you wouldn't normally do!

Create an "out of the office" message for your e-mail

You're on holiday and people need to know! Say you won't be checking your e-mail till you're back from your staycation. Then shut down your computer and throw a towel over it!

Play hometown tourist

Staycations mean you can play 'hometown tourist,' and enjoy the fun things that your city (or surrounding areas) have to offer. Go online or visit your local Tourist Information Office and find out what's going on locally that takes your fancy.

Don't be afraid to have a little splurge

Just because you're saving money by holidaying at home, you can (and should) eat out, go shopping, take day trips, get a massage and splurge in other areas, just like you would on a traditional holiday. This makes all the difference between a staycation and just a week hanging around the house. Set your budget and splurge where you can guilt free!

Lose yourself

No need to wait till your summer hols to indulge in a good read. On your staycation, you have the luxury of time to sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in a fab book. Whether that's a good old trashy novel, educational text or a self-help title, your staycation is your chance to lose yourself in a good book.

Make a home spa night

Go buy yourself some lovely foot cream and a new nail polish and indulge yourself in a little pampering. Take time during your staycation to do things that normally you wouldn't have time to do, your nails, a bubble bath, colouring your hair, applying moisturiser or self tan. Indulge, indulge, indulge! You're on holiday!

Louise Presley-Turner is one of the UK's leading lifestyle experts and author of Finding a Future That Fits (Hay House 2012) Get your Life Evaluator & Planner now at www.thegameoflife.co.uk