17/06/2016 07:12 BST | Updated 17/06/2017 06:12 BST

Summer Bucket List


Last summer was rubbish.

Living in the UK you learn from an early age that summer is a special time, to be savoured, cherished, enjoyed, worshiped even?

It's a time for BBQs, festivals, parties in the park, softball, families, ice cream and fun.

And it's important to me to spend time outside. I love the sun, the air and being in nature.

But I missed last summer completely.

I was working like a crazy person and turning down every invitation I got - birthdays, baby showers, festivals - I said no to them all and spent the hottest days of the year in my home office (aka basement) strapped to my laptop, pleading with the work gods to give me a break, of any kind. My prayers were not answered and summer passed me by.

On top of that I was having some stomach issues and insisted on doing an elimination diet right the way through July which meant I could only eat certain foods (nothing fun), so any invitation I might have said yes to that involved eating got immediately complicated and gave me another reason to pass.

A lot has changed since then.

Firstly, I discovered I have a dairy intolerance. Bye cheese. Hello 'do you have dairy free milk?'. Oh joy.

Secondly, having poured my heart, soul, sweat and tears - literally - into a business that didn't see fit to return my efforts, I now know, from an experience I am extremely grateful for, that there is so much more to life than work. And money, or lack of.

A few months ago me and one of my bffs (aka sister in law) agreed we would do this summer properly, get the family together and have loads of fun.

Now the summer months are upon us it's time to start making plans, so I started writing out a bucket list, here goes:

  1. Have a BBQ
  2. Play softball in the park
  3. Visit a museum
  4. Have a sleepover
  5. Do a car boot sale
  6. Sunbathe in the park
  7. Watch an outdoor movie
  8. Go to a music festival
  9. Go to the seaside
  10. Watch a sunrise
  11. Watch a sunset
  12. Go to the fun fair
  13. Have a midnight feast
  14. Make cookies and dip them in milk (non dairy obv)
  15. Have a bring a bowl (and bottle) party
  16. Explore a local park
  17. Dance like no one's watching
  18. Make a summer playlist
  19. Swim outside
  20. Have a clothes swap party
  21. Visit an elderly relative
  22. Plant something
  23. Treat yourself to something you really want
  24. Go somewhere posh and have champagne
  25. Sit outside and have coffee (and cake) on your own
  26. Go to a yoga class
  27. Go for a drive with no destination in mind
  28. Call your mum
  29. Call your dad
  30. Go for drinks at a rooftop bar
  31. Sleep naked
  32. Have breakfast in bed
  33. Eat ice cream from the ice cream truck
  34. Let the diet go a little (but not the exercise ;))
  35. Go for a walk in the woods
  36. Go camping
  37. Go horse riding
  38. Eat lots of fruit
  39. Tell your family and friends you love them
  40. Do something kind for a stranger
  41. Buy some food for a homeless person
  42. Thank someone who works at a place you go every day
  43. Spend time with someone else's children
  44. Have a water fight
  45. Organise a street party
  46. Have a social media black out day
  47. Do kartwheels
  48. Buy something from a charity shop
  49. Laugh out loud
  50. Smile at strangers

How will you be spending summer?