07/07/2014 11:51 BST | Updated 05/09/2014 06:59 BST

The Wimbledon Attitude

Wimbledon is the talk of the UK at the moment for obvious reasons.

For those of you who are unaware of what Wimbledon is, it's a place. However, it's also the place of the biggest tennis competition of the year. More info here: Wimbledon Tennis Competition

Each day there have been highlights shown on TV - who has won, lost - you know, a general overview of the day.

This sparks the question of what it takes to be a winner, such as Novak Djokovic.

Now, let's look at this in the context of tennis to keep it topical.

There are three main points to keep in mind to be a winner. Whether that's a winner at life, sports, quizzes... you name it, this is your answer.

1) You can't win all of the time

- The sooner you accept this, the easier it will be. Every has good days, and not so good days. You cannot be on top of your game the whole time

2) Prepare

- Preparation is not just about knowing what is coming and planning for it. It is about being the best you can be, and constantly pushing yourself to be flexible in dealing with whatever situation may arise.

Say you were in a tennis game (see where Wimbledon comes in?). You may plan your technique, where you would like to place the ball etc, but this will only work if your opponent does what you want.

That will not happen all of the time. Same with life. Things will not always work out the way you want them to. You have to equip yourself enough (by using experiences you've had growing up, observing, or seeking advice) to be flexible in dealing with a variety of situations that may arise. This may simply be by ensuring you have a solid support system around you.

Nevertheless, preparation is key.

3) Positive Attitude

Wimbledon winners cannot go into a game believing they are going to lose. If this was the case, they would not perform at their highest level, and therefore may not win the match. Yes, sometimes they may be lucky and come out on top, but can you really fully enjoy the win if you know you could have done better? For some that is enough, but not always.

Players strive for a positive mental attitude constantly. This includes during the match (or difficult life situation), and afterwards.

People often look back and create a distorted memory of an incident according to how they would like to remember and retell it. This does no one any good!

In tennis, if players turned sour after losing a match, they only lose their sportsmanship and credit. They let only themselves down. This is the same whether they lose, or they win. Nothing is to be gained from boasting in a win, or blaming others for a loss.

The same goes for life.

Nothing positive will be gained from boasting, or from laying in self pity and passing on the blame. Keeping a positive attitude whilst taking responsibility and being proud of whatever the outcome (as long as you have done what is right, and given it your best shot) will be key in preparation for the next obstacle (or tennis match of course).

The Wimbledon Attitude summed up (APP):

- Accept you can't always win

- Prepare

- Positive attitude (at all times, if possible)


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