20/04/2016 08:17 BST | Updated 20/04/2017 06:12 BST

Join the Revolution!

If you're old enough and eco enough to remember Tam & Rob, you might remember;

"If There Has To Be A Victim In Fashion, Let It Be You"


One of our original "fashion victims"


The original ethical fashion hold up a slogan sign and take a pic campaign.

Now of course we have the fabulous Fashion Revolution an international awareness campaign, which took the collapse of a garment factory, and death of over a thousand people, in Bangladesh to get people agitated enough to start shouting about fair trade fashion, and holding up signs en masse.

The industry is changing, slowly, and at last consumers are starting to demand change - especially through glorious campaigns like #FashRev and #WhoMadeYourClothes. Really the only way to change the big bad industry is to talk through our purses. If we all start to consume more ethically, and less, then big businesses will have to take notice.


(c) Fashion Revolution Day

Everyone holding up a sign this week needs to make a pledge to buy less (or even no more ever again) fast fashion, as well as asking where their purchases came from.

But where do we get our clothes? I hear the outraged cry of the masses who can't live without fashion fixes. The simple answer is support indie designers, the creative folk (who often take less margin per garment than Primarni get from the £4 shirt) need consumers to buy their wares, made with love, dedication and real life creative flair. Independent fashion designers, especially those working to ethical standards - sourcing fair trade materials and labour, making in the UK, giving back to social causes, contributing to saving the environment, knowing who makes every garment in their collections - they need real people to buy their clothes. We all know that ethical fashion doesn't look "ethical" (or ethnic, or hippy, or hemp sack, or style-less) anymore - it has been comparable in all aspects of quality, design and style, and even price, to any other indie fashion label for years - yet these brands have higher costs and need support from people who buy clothes.


(c) House Of Tammam

You won't be disappointed: they'll last longer, feel nicer and ease your conscience. And if you're very clever you can get some bargains (indies do sales too!). This week is the perfect opportunity to scope out some great ethical brands - a plethora of events await you - go find your favourite sustainable fashion revolutionary and buy a piece or two - so you too can say "I know Who Made My Clothes"

All week we're holding a Revolutionary Pop-Up Sale at Atelier Tammam with a conscious collective of brands selling beautiful ethical products, for Fashion Revolution Week.

Join the likes of Nancy Dee, Bourgeois Boheme, Outsider, Michelle Krausz, Deborah Campbell, Kitty Fereira, Cecilia Hamarborg and Hetty Rose, fresh from our appearance as the "Best of British" brands at Moda360 in Los Angeles earlier in the month, and become a fashion revolutionary for a day.


(c) House of Tammam 2016

The sale ends Sunday at 4pm.


(c) House Of Tammam

Yours in Fashion Revolution!

Ms Tammam