14/05/2013 14:28 BST | Updated 14/07/2013 06:12 BST

Angela Hartnett and I Star in Our Own Pop Video - WATCH


People often ask what happens in a typical day as head chef at my restaurant Hartnett Holder & Co, at Lime Wood, deep in the heart of the New Forst? It's impossible to answer. Take last week for example. You'll never believe what we all had to do... a music video! I'm not talking Backstreet Boys here, it wasn't quite that painful, but it was beyond hysterical.

We had been warned that it was going to happen but so much happens here that I sort of forgot about it and so the boys were a bit surprised when this young girl came in with a video camera and kept asking what she was doing. I had to quickly shout across the kitchen to make sure everyone knew what the plan was and that she would just come up to everyone individually or in small groups and ask you to sing a line of a song back to her.

Most of the boys said that there was no way in hell that they were going to be singing to anyone, let alone in front of myself and Angela (Harnett) and the other lads too. I was lucky enough not to be first up, but Angela didn't escape that easily as she was first up to start the whole thing off. It was great that she was because it was the ideal ice breaker. She's always up for a laugh but I was very impressed as she willingly climbed onto the pass and lay across it like she was lying on a bed - it was magical! The boys couldn't stop laughing the whole way through, it was so funny to see her go from service straight into all singing all dancing.

I was up next to create the second entrance part of the video and I was directed to point my finger and walk backwards and twirl at the end. This was gold dust for the kitchen - everything stopped and they all watched me singing along out of tune to Kiss by Prince, they weren't used to seeing me twirling around the kitchen during service!

One of the highlights of the video was straight after this when one the lads had to sidle up to Angela and blow her a kiss, he loved it and so did the camera. I think the fact that both Angela and I were so forthcoming meant that the boys were keen to continue and give it their all, just like they do with everything else. I was a bit worried that it might get in the way of service but she was great at knowing when was a good time and when she needed to move aside for service. It really lifted the whole teams spirits and boy did we all laugh whilst watching everyone making an idiot out of themselves - I think it was good for them all!

The funniest moment has to be when one of the boys flashes his bare backside! Check out the video below and share it with everyone - it's amazing...

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