10/10/2014 10:38 BST | Updated 10/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Avoiding Hibernation Mode by Putting Neuroscience to Work

Clocks are turning back soon - October 26 to be precise. The long mornings and evenings where we can attend to our life and show up to our work feeling satisfied that we're generally on top of life will shrink considerable. Ok, let's be honest. In terms of light, they will vanish. Many people will be felt feeling low. Seasonal changes and dark evenings have well documented affects on mood and our physiology and psychology. In its most severe form, less daylight can cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD) marked by episodes of depression some people experience in winter months. Most people will feel a change. A bit less energy, drive, overwhelm about how to fit life into the remaining daylight, and a potential sense that the best of the day is spent in a job they may not even like very much.

No wonder winter brings with it blues and hibernation. Whether one is an entrepreneur or an employee, shorter days can have a serious impact on our performance. Below is a series of tips on how to stay topped up with energy through this period.

Be honest and admit the effect

There's no reason to deny the impact that light has on us let alone blue skies and sun. Note down how you're feeling for a few days in the row in terms of your energy levels at different parts of the day and how this makes you feel so you have something specific to tackle.

Investigate flexible working

Much of the blues come from a perception that we have less time for what matters in life: time with family, friends and social activities. Adding flexibility to working hours is the most effective means of helping you stay happy and productive. So look into the possibility of shifting your working hours or maybe working in different locations that have more space or light.

Set clear goals

Cold temperature and heating makes many people feel a tad more lazy. And yet the clearest differentiation factor in my talent programs or personal empowerment groups are clear goals. Use Christmas as an extra deadline to ensure you make 2014 really count. I named my company Make Time Count to remind me and everyone from readers, collaborators and clients that time and life are precious and our greatest responsibility is to use it wisely. This starts with clear goals.

Look after your body

I'm at a conference at the moment for emerging women in NYC, USA. It's an intense set of days and keeping energy up is as vital here as when I am working with people in my own programmes. We feed off the nervy of others but we need to restore it on a regular basis to have enough to share and give to our projects and work. As winter is well linked with comfort eating of less nutritious snacks that make the brain sleepy and slow. Consider investing a small amount of budget in having nutritious lunch or breakfasts. It will power up your nervous system and brain to perform well with you.

Get in touch with your heart and admit how you really feel

Speaking your truth is often the toughest most courageous action. Yes without putting the heart in line with your mind, your work will suffer big time. Imagine a massive part of your nervous system resisting you because you refuse to listen. Equally feel the energy and power of passion, motivation and calling as you merge your best thinking with the energy of caring.

Winter is coming! Power up now and be your best through shorter days.