10/12/2014 14:40 GMT | Updated 09/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Four Ways to Tap into the Feminine Essence

You know this feeling when you are rushing, feeling the pressure of ''I have to'', you look at the radiant and feminine women who seem to be taking it easy and something in them irritates you?

As they say, people are your mirror. Most of us women, live in our masculine energy. We think, we perform, we strive for perfection, we take the ownership of the job as obviously no one will do it better than us. How does living in the masculine energy impact us? We feel that we are drying out inside, while burning out mentally. We over think, analyse and cannot free ourselves from the always active mind. And on top of this all, we think there is something wrong with us.

If this is the case, you are probably living in the masculine energy. Energy which is about linear thinking, reaching goals, performing, competition. But there is also a feminine side, feminine energy which is about nourishment, connection, flow, receptivity, sensuality and about just being.  

Why would you want to activate feminine energy? Well, first to heal your PMS or painful periods, connect with yourself and learn how to relax, free yourself from your active mind while still being able to reach your goals. And the sweetest part of awakening the feminine essence is that you allow yourself to be supported and to receive help. Suddenly you understand that things still can get done, without you necessary doing it all. We have those two energies for a reason, so there must be a balance, each of them may support us in different areas of life. But for now, let focus on how to activate the missing one. I will share with you how to make them dance with each other on another occasion.


I will share with you, how to invite more feminine aspects, so you can balance your feminine and masculine side. You will have to let go of some of your masculine traits.  Don't rush, don't expect instant changes, it's not another goal to reach, it's a journey to the most potent, miraculous and mysterious land. Enjoy it instead. And when you see that luscious, radiant and sexy woman next time, let her inspire you, open yourself to the light that is shining from her. For when you recognise the beauty in another, it is because you start seeing the beauty within yourself.



Feminine is about stopping and being. About recognizing how you really feel and what you need. Being present in your body and feeling what it needs, then giving it what it needs.

Landing in the feminine is stopping the rush, the competition and ''I will prove'' business. Staying in the presence and observing. Allowing the support from others come and help you. Be gentle with yourself, give yourself time, attention, hugs and nourishment you may need. Get the massage, go to dance classes, drink fresh juices - do what you feel your body and soul needs. It's called self-love. If you saw that your loved one was having some tension in the back, you would suggest to get a massage or even better you would book him one. There you go! This is exactly what you do but this time - to yourself. 



The feminine likes to connect, connect on a deeper level. She drops the body armour that we are all carrying around, the armour that judges people and blocks us from opening to them. Feminine essence is about softening up our receptivity to people, too. So, next time when you get to know a new person, feel your body opening up, be receptive to them and looking in the eyes, connect with them deeply. To do that you have to stay present and stop your mind from galloping to the statements about that person. The connection that feminine strives on is also about showing yourself, sharing from authentic vulnerable place. She is real, and she likes to connect in the ''real'' way. Say who you really are, not who you think you should say you are. 



Feminine centre of gravity is in the body, most energized centres are the womb and the breasts. They are directly connected with the life force, life creation and nourishment. Be in your body as often as you can, connect with those parts. They will start to respond, and you will feel like your body is becoming the channel for the energy to flow. You feel alive and sensually awake. Be in the nature as often as you can and explore your body's receptivity. Let the fresh air of a forest penetrate you, let the rain awaken the sensations of your skin. This is about being in the body, and being present with what the body feels.



The Feminine is about being, not necessarily doing (as the Masculine is). How to allow yourself to just be? Look at the areas of your life when you feel the most burn out and explore if you are ''being'' there? Are you allowing yourself to be supported and guided, or are you ''doing'' there, lots of activities, deadlines, managing etc. If so, explore what is possible if you allow yourself to just be and decrease your activities? Is it possible that others would take ownership of the things you are taking now? How would that impact you and them? We often think that the world will collapse if we give up on our control over things, but it doesn't have to be the case. Change your catastrophic thinking to trusting, life itself can do more than you, so why not allow the life itself to support you?


For many years I was living  in the masculine energy only, trying to micro manage everything, and besides being burnt out I obviously was getting irritated when things were not going according to the plan. I then met my teacher, who said these few words, words that changed everything. She said: Get out of life's way.

And in that moment I understood the ridiculousness of my thinking - thinking that I can really control it all. So explore these words, and see what is possible if you allow life to support you.