23/09/2016 09:40 BST | Updated 23/09/2017 06:12 BST

After Divorce - Travel!

Whatever happened during your divorce, whether it was difficult or easy, you will definitely be left with some regrets. These will vary but it may be that you didn't get to do what you wanted to do whilst you were married, or that your thought patterns weren't allowed to develop, or you are now hampered by habits you are finding hard to break.

But now you are free of the ties of that marriage, your divorce has liberated you - even if you don't see it that way yet. Now is the time to experiment with life and do things that you felt you couldn't do before.

Letting go of the past can be difficult for some, and for others it can be easy. One of the ways to let go is to embrace what the future holds for you. Perhaps one of the things the future may hold for you is your desire to travel.

Travelling will take you away from all those familiar places that bring up memories and regrets. It will also introduce you to new faces and these won't remind you of the feelings you had whilst you were going through divorce. It will give you space to make new memories and create a buffer for the painful memories. Dealing with any painful memories and moving forward in your life is another step to take following travel.

Find somewhere you would like to travel to. Is there somewhere you have always wanted to visit, but just haven't been able to get there? Do you want to see elephants in the wild? Would you prefer a gentle meander through a vineyard in Italy? Would you like to investigate the ancient architecture of a particular country? Would you like to travel more extensively within your own country?

Wherever it is you choose to go, tell someone where you are going. A trusted family member or an equally trusted close friend. Someone needs to know where you are going and roughly when for your safety and for their peace of mind. Knowing that someone is aware of where you are going will give you peace of mind. They may of course try to discourage you, but it is your life and you are living it for you. So don't listen to them. You can get a cheap mobile phone that will use cheap sim cards that you buy in the country or countries you visit so that you can keep in touch and placate your friends and family and have a lifeline should you need it.

If you are taking a computer or iPad with you, writing a blog maybe a good idea too. That way your friends and family can see where you are, what you are doing and that you are safe. Of course it needn't be a daily blog, as that would take up too much of your valuable travelling time. A couple of times of week would be fine. A blog might be a good idea if you are thinking of writing a book about your experiences as it creates a record for you to refer back to at a later date.

Wherever it is you choose to go, make sure it is right for you. Take the advice of a good travel expert and stay safe whilst you are enjoying your liberation and ensure you have the best time of your life.

You deserve it.