Awareness And Love

Awareness And Love

Reading about self-love & healing is not exactly new for me. What is new is the amount of recent attention this subject's been getting. From Twitter to several column inches in magazines and newspapers, there seems to be a resurgence. Over many years, I've read numerous books about self-love. Authors such as Caroline Myss, Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain, etc. Each of the books I've read have enabled to be nicer to myself. In fact, the more I read these kinds of books, I become more authentic. In saying that, for me, becoming more authentic continues to be a marathon. This is mainly because it's about genuinely discovering exactly what it entails to be your Best You. Even at my ripe old age - I continue to learn I've a lot more to learn.

In fact, until we admit we don't know it all, our mind narrows and we become less flexible. In my experience, this is an outcome of our ego. So much so, we tend to see our world in ways that we believe others should too. Simply said, we become single minded. As you might imagine, being single minded restricts our view of life, it also prevents us really seeing the bigger picture. So many of us live in our own little world. It's as if we have minimal or no lateral vision. One important lesson I learned in retail: not only is lateral vision vital, you also need eyes in the back of your head - I believe this true of life

In essence, it's about awareness. So many people I come across have little awareness of themselves, or the world outside of their gaze. For many, if it's not about me, or doesn't affect me - a disinterested attitude seems to prevail. Recently an experienced psychotherapist acquaintance, suggested that how we see ourselves is not always how others see us, or indeed, experience us. Of course, his comment seemed obvious when he said it, however, it did act as a reminder. In short, until we are able to see the world in an us context, rather than an all-about-me existence, we'll continue to be far less aware.

As a Personal Branding expert, for the most part, I focus on helping clients and workshop attendees, to discover their ability/willingnes to become more aware. Over the years, I've coached numerous business leaders, political leaders and lots of individuals who are in the public eye, many who are considered as having iconic status. I might add, the successful, each have had a high level of awareness. Awareness, for me, begins with having a healthy curiosity. I am often surprised that many people I meet, seem to have little interest in the world at large. Surely considering the how and why a so-called fact became fact, helps us to broaden our horizons. Furthermore, by doing this, aren't we increasing our knowledge?

If we consider that our adult life's about going back to school, with a big difference. That difference is that learning isn't obligatory, it's on offer to us. Not accepting this offer would be tantamount to refusing a valuable gift. The gift of learning more about who we really are and what we're in the world to do, begins with becoming more aware. So why not begin now. Start by being more curious and see where that takes you. In the event you're not making any headway, do what very successful individuals do - continue to try... don't allow giving up to be an option.

Another thing, going to school when I was a young lad was extremely difficult. I was bullied, unhappy and not very receptive towards any of my teachers. Now going to school is much more of a pleasure, my teachers are numerous people I interact with, books and articles. For the most part, I like my teachers. The best part is that I no longer get bullied!

Some thoughts:

-Never give up, perhaps find a different strategy

-Be curious, even if you are not sure...

-Endeavour to look at the world through the eyes of others

-Read avidly, but choose very carefully

-Ensure you have an eclectic portfolio of social activities

-If you only read fiction, include some non-fiction reading

-Be sure to ask for help, remembering that it takes courage to do so

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