12/10/2017 07:12 BST | Updated 12/10/2017 07:12 BST

Doing It Your Way

It's taken me quite a while to own up about doing it my way. The main reason being, until about 10 years ago, I wasn't entirely sure what my way was. Now I'm confident in believing that my way will resonate with a large number of people. Doing it in our own way, doesn't make us selfish, egotistic, or unaware of the numerous other ways that exist. What it does is alert us to our deep felt passions and heartfelt desires. So many of us are prepared to live our lives as if we have nothing special to impart. That's because we underestimate ourselves. I firmly believe that each of us has the wherewithal to remove our outer shell and reveal the most authentic version of ourselves. A version we're very proud of.

So ask yourself - Am I living my life to the fullest? Having coached numerous men and women, I can say few had lived their lives to the fullest. In essence it's because they hadn't discovered what they are here to do. It takes effort, patience, persistence and perseverance to make that discovery. Many are not prepared to do the work. That's because they are too comfortable living their lives in a predictable routine: 9-5 job, annual vacation, mortgage, etc. Not saying there is anything wrong with that. Am saying, it doesn't give us much room to breathe. In fact, it can stifle us.

The thing is this - for us to do it our way, we must be prepared to make sacrifices. When people hear the word sacrifice they get turned off. Think of sacrifice as letting go, not being deprived, but leaving room. Many contemporary authors and experts teach us how to let go. In fact, when we learn how to let go, we grow and leave a space for something better to enter into our lives. This is how the most successful maintain their success. Yes, letting go is quite a challenge, that's why so few of us are able to do it. However, by learning how to do it, we become closer to who we want to be, or to become. We tend to let go with greater ease when we focus intently on our desire to live to the fullest.

Being the best version of ourselves is as hard or easy as we make it. Hard because it takes loads of self discipline. Easy because we have all we need in order to develop the know-how about how to improve our lives. Like most aspirations it's less about what we want and more about how much we want it. So ask yourselves the big question - How much do I want to do it my way? If your response is lots, then it's over to you to take the big leap. Be prepared for some revelations, surprises and new horizons to appear. By taking calculated risks we tend to break old habits, visualise a bigger picture and gain the kind of wisdom we never thought possible.

Some tips:

- Be a seeker rather than a dreamer

- Believe in yourself

- Ensure you introduce yourself to you

- Trust your intuition

- Our personal development is key to our well-being

- Discover what you are here to do