14/08/2016 19:25 BST | Updated 13/08/2017 06:12 BST

Making the Effort

What to write about? It's as if I've said it all. But no, I do have more to say. Although it could be said, I've been around the block (a couple of times) - I've a lot more to learn. For instance, self promotion and marketing seems to have morphed into an all about me culture. There seems to be this desire to promote selfies, real-life scenarios, awful images of people attired in horrible outfits. And in some cases, others appear as though they've just woken up. In the good old days, one took pride in the way they looked. It's as if being well groomed, appropriately attired has become unfashionable. Oh dear, I must sound like an old codger. I continue to learn it's not all about me, it's about us, and making the effort still counts.

Like many, I too am a great believer in self-promotion, however, heavily seasoned with self awareness and conscious attention to details. Now, I may sound very fussy - I am. What I'm suggesting is this - let's take better care about how we present ourselves, both in-person and online. To me, it seems blatantly obvious - I mean, why would anyone want to communicate who they are unless they did so in the best possible light. It's as if reality TV has influenced the lifestyle choices of many. Perhaps it's just me, but I fail to understand why anyone wouldn't want project themselves in the most flattering fashion. (I don't mean fashionable).

In essence, this means ensuring as best you can, that you look your best. That's not to say you must be perfect - far from it. For many years I've abandoned the desire to be perfect. One reason is because the aspiration to being perfect is delusional. Instead, aspiring to be the best version of you is both possible and worthy. I'm aware of repeating myself. I tend to do that when I feel passionate about something. Think of those you look up to, what is it about them you so admire? It's likely something to do with the way they come across. could be their demeanour, attitude or smile. These seemingly simple things are usually highly effective.

It doesn't matter what it is we admire in others, what's important is what we might learn. For instance, my late grandmother was a wonderful woman. She was strict, funny and loving. What I learned was that being someone with a club-foot, hardly speaking English didn't prevent her being someone with a great attitude. It's simply about always making the effort. Even at times we'd rather not do so. Making the effort in whichever way you do it will speak volumes. Could be you've trimmed your nails, washed your hair or decided to be more positive. Yes, the choices we make can be eclectic, they usually are. So whether it's getting a pedicure, having your shoes repaired or having your teeth whitened, making the effort is what counts.

For many. considering making the effort can be intimidating. It's as if they become overwhelmed. In short, just start! For instance, are your finger nails looking good? Could your shoes do with repairing? does you suit need dry cleaning? Begin with the most obvious choices. That way you'll begin to develop a new habit. And like most habits, eventually it will become your new normal.

Some tips:

-Discipline yourself to be more self aware.

-Don't aim for perfection.

-Realise you are a work in progress.

-Believe in yourself.

-Trust your intuition.

-Remain positive.

-Focus on what is working.