12/08/2016 08:08 BST | Updated 11/08/2017 06:12 BST

A Terrifying Halloween I Want To Forget

It's officially Halloween night and nothing is going my way. I've spent all night upstairs in my bedroom trying to get some video footage for my blog. I was doing a bedroom tour but it just wasn't going right at all, nothing was.

After hours on end of recording my video which I dedicated all of my time to do which I really enjoyed because it was my first time of 'vlogging', as they call it. (video blogging). Then unfortunately all the footage I taken had accidentally deleted. I've wasted all my time to do something for absolutely nothing I thought. I'd put a lot of time into doing this for it all to be wasted!

I was furious although I was fine on the outside until I got down stairs into the kitchen. "Want anything for tea?" my mum said to me. I snapped at her as everything was just an overload of frustration. I told my mum furiously, "I've lost all of my video footage!".

Mum was busy and told me to calm down because I was becoming too overwhelmed with anxiety. I just wouldn't take it for an answer and I could feel myself getting more and more anxious until the moment I finally exploded and launched my drink across the kitchen.

Mum was annoyed and shouted 'what was all that for'. I was told to clean up the mess but I wouldn't. I refused. Mum was repeatedly telling me to clean it up and I threw all of my food across the floor as well.

That was it. By now I was angry that I could barely talk without shouting and I could feel myself sweating and feeling hot. I swiped a kitchen knife from the drawer, digging it into my skin as much as I could until it was bleeding.

'Why are you doing that for?!' mum said and told me to stop before I do some serious damage to myself.

At the time I wasn't listening and didn't care. shouting at the top of my voice, I screamed, 'I'm going to kill you!' 'Drop dead!'

Smashing absolutely anything in sight including, the kettle, picture frames on the wall. I was livid but I hardly had no reason to be. Stabbing holes into the kitchen surface, my mum's partner rang the police and demanded a cop to come as soon as possible. Without hesitation, I ran to the front door and chased my mum's partner up the path with the kitchen knife still in my hand intending to stab him.

Mum was outside to and pleading with me to calm down. I just wouldn't stop, I was raging.

Flashing lights were in sight and I could hear sirens pulling into the estate with the neighbours watching aside from their windows. It soon hit me and I was convinced I was going to prison for a very long time.

Running back into the house, I thought the damage is done and there's no going back. I slammed the kitchen knife onto the unit before running back outside. The cop shouted ' put the weapon down!'. I don't have anything on me I shouted.

The police officer came over and handcuffed me. I was petrified and it totally hit me what I had done. I was sorry for my actions but it was way too late for that whilst sobbing my heart out.

I was shoved into the back of the police van and all I could think is what happens now? It was gone 11pm since I was taken to police custody and got taken to my cell for the evening.