14/03/2016 12:35 GMT | Updated 15/03/2017 05:12 GMT

The Damaging Effect of Sectioning Somebody With Autism

As somebody like myself who has autism, I believe being sectioned feels like being locked behind bars. As drastic as it sounds, that's how it feels for most people with autism I'm sure. Being detained within a small environment, being shut away from the outside world and being distant from your loved ones. This to me, sounds very similar to being in a prison in some ways.

It can be difficult for anybody who's being sectioned due to their mental health although is sectioning somebody with autism necessary?

If you disagree then let me explain...

Autism is not classified as a mental health problem, Autism is classed as a lifelong developmental disability which is a condition although some may have learning disabilities alongside this.

I found that professionals who were involved in my case at the psychiatric units I was in, they often didn't seem as knowledgeable enough. I felt I was misunderstood. I'm sure the mental health professionals in psychiatric units have a better understanding of mental health than autism which is again a lifelong developmental disability.

Those with autism often have a high vulnerability state. I hugely believe It's easier for psychiatrists to lock somebody in a mental health unit than give the correct treatment that's more suited to their needs.

Having autism and suffering with mental health are two different things which I've already proven, so does that mean that these should be categorically separated instead of being mixed in together? That's where I sometimes believe the misunderstanding comes into it within regards to the professionals, they presume that the ones with autism need the more drastic help like those who suffer with mental health. I'm not at all being biased, I'm stating that the facts that mental health and autism is not the same.

As you may be aware that a young teenager named Matthew is being held in a mental health facility for the past 6 months due to professionals misunderstanding of his autism.

There's been major campaigns from the public to help get Matthew released from the psychiatric unit which the parents feel is the wrong treatment for their son, Matthew. There's currently a petition the parents of Matthew have set up for the public to sign which you can sign to help get Matthew in a specialist autism facility where he can receive the treatment he needs.

This is a good, prime example of what the government need to do to stop people with autism getting sectioned. What the government should realise is that this shouldn't be the case, instead there should be specialised facilities for people with autism rather than getting carelessly placed in a unit which doesn't provide the correct treatment and support autistic people need.