07/03/2016 06:16 GMT | Updated 07/03/2017 05:12 GMT

Provide Mental Health Facilities For Cornwall

As somebody like myself who lives in Cornwall, I am aware that there's been major campaigns to provide mental health units in Cornwall for young people. Those including The Invictus Trust who are a local charity of Cornwall which was found last year to provide help & support for young people. The Invictus Trust have been recognised by a huge amount of locals of Cornwall and not forgetting those across the UK for their huge role of campaigning for Cornwall to have mental health facilities. The work they do is amazing.

Having gone through what I prefer to call hell and back of being forced to spend a long period of time away from my home & family, I want to discuss the importance of providing Mental Health facilities for Cornwall.

Nobody should have to go through being apart from their loved ones for a long while to receive treatment they need elsewhere. Especially over Christmas which you should spend with family and friends. I believe that being surrounded by the people you love the most will sure be the support you need rather than getting sent to somewhere 300 miles away in which feels like a completely different world to live in, being surrounded by people you've never met or being far away from where you feel the most comfortable which is home.

I totally understand that getting the right treatment is the first and most important thing, however, why haven't these facilities been provided for Cornwall but everywhere else?

Where I went to receive treatment, the majority of the patients were from where I live, Cornwall according to most of the doctors. Having people who suffer with their mental health will only add on more unnecessary stress which will of course affect their treatment

This is why we need Mental Health facilities in Cornwall to provide the treatment whilst being closer to loved ones. It will hugely benefit us and save unnecessary stress or anxiety if their were facilities to be provided within our nation.

It's most likely to be easier for those who live further up the line to receive treatment because they're more than likely to be the nearest to units and won't have to travel as far as us who live in Cornwall.

The lack of services and facilities are outrageous, I can't imagine how many families have gone through devastation due to the lack of this. How many more people are going to have to experience this before the government do something about it?