Should Police Require Training When Involved With Autistic People?

Should Police Require Training When Involved With Autistic People?

It's been surveyed that seven out of 10 autistic adults have been in contact with the police due to outbreaks within family homes.

Police officers should be more aware of the sensitivity of an autistic person due to the lack of awareness and understanding.

As somebody like myself who is autistic, I've been in many situations involving the Police due to losing my temper within my family home. On more than one occasion me and my family feel I've been mistreated. I've had officers use bad language when confronting me which can then become a trigger point . I feel it's unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated.

I often feel intimidated by police officers because of there lack of awareness, I feel they need to understand us more and treat us differently in order for us to respond to the treatment more positively.

In my experiences, I've overheard conversations that the police were deciding whether to tazor me which I feel would of made the situation worse by myself responding more negatively.

The police don't always understand that we don't understand metaphors. I often get confused the way the police word sentences, in order for us to respond, complex and easy language should be used.

The sound of loud noise and sirens could be enough to change how the young person reacts, this should be more aware of as it can worsen anxieties and can become more stressful.

I remember being the age of twelve when the police first became involved. It was the first experience of being placed in a cell for many hours and taken into custody. That was stressful. Knowing that they didn't understand me made matters worse. Nobody should be placed into a cell at that age.

Only if there was an alternative to this and it was dealt more in the best way to suit me and my needs.

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