16/09/2013 08:01 BST | Updated 13/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Sixty and Me From A to Z - A Manifesto for Women Over 60

Women in their 60's are redefining what it means to be a midlife woman! Forget the stereotypes. If you ask the 32,000 members in our Sixty and Me community, you fill find that they are adventurous, curious, and passionate about living a life that is healthy, wealthy and independent. In fact we are redefining everything from A-Z! Women over 60 today are:

Audacious - Realizing this is "our time," we are embracing our own style and living our way.

Bold - We are taking chances with love, life and learning.

Creative - We are looking at new work opportunities, retirement models and lifestyle options.

Daring - Women over 60 are trying new things and aren't afraid to "break the mold".

Energized - We are eating healthier food and embracing new exercise options.

Fun-loving - After years of worrying about what others think of us, we just don't care.

Gregarious - Having defined a style that we love, we go after life with verve.

Hungry - We have a sense of urgency for experiencing good things: food, friends and connections.

Ingenious - Living on a pension, many women find creative ways to survive and thrive.

Joyful - We know that life is precious and we approach each day with a sense of awe.

Kind - We like to share and give of ourselves.

Loving - We understand love because we've experienced loss.

Mysterious - Women over 60 have secrets. Just ask us.

Naughty - We still love to experiment, tease and embrace our sensual side.

Organized - After decades of practice with family and work, we are expert multitaskers.

Political - We have points of view and want to share our voice.

Quirky - We were raised in the 60's and we haven't forgotten how to be ourselves.

Ready - Women over 60 have an eagerness to "go for it".

Sexy - We are sensual and beautiful. We are still interested in enjoying sexual relationships.

Talented - We have worked hard to develop skills and we want to share them with others.

Unbounded - Life has restricted women in the past. Now, we want freedom!

Vibrant - We love to dance, play, sing, learn, create, live and love.

Women of the World - We have traveled to the ends of the earth and have stories to tell.

Xtraordinary - Having lived the spectrum of experience, we are ready to celebrate!

Youthful - Women over 60 are taking care of themselves and want to look great.

Zany - We believe that we can be positive, vibrant and fabulous as we age.

Are you a woman over 60? How would you describe your approach to life? Do you believe that women of our generation see the world differently than our mothers and grandmothers did?