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Honey G Is A Phenomenon. Period.

Snapshot from the Official X-Factor Youtube Channel (

Honey G is much more than a rap music artist. She is a personality; she is distinctive; she cannot go unnoticed; she cannot be ignored. She has devoted fans, and haters, who although used to doggedly despise her, more and more start to change their mind and endorse her. All these render her as a phenomenon.

It isn't just about how good she can rap, something that is one of the main themes on the discussions that are going on about her. No one has ever reached perfection in the first stations of a desirable destination. My point is that with a lot of hard work, Honey G can improve and eventually be respected more; that is already happening. People don't care about perfection when they want to be entertained. Honey G entertains, as her mentor Sharon Osbourne declares, and she is constantly illustrating more characteristics of her merit.

If Honey G devotes her life in rapping, then she can be a top rapper. I believe that the reason why she looks raw to the haters is the fact that she probably didn't have much time to be wedded to her sounds since she had a work which had to do with things unrelated to music. Nevertheless, she never quit her passion and according to her biography, she has made attempts to show her music to the public. Now, she is in front of a huge opportunity to do one step further and have a real career as a rap music artist. As she rapped during the song "California Love" by 2Pac in the first X-Factor live show: "It's Honey G's time to shine."

I don't know her story, just a few facts that she or the press brings to light. The sure thing is that her life is inspiring. Susan Boyle was an isolated woman, who, in one day, became a star through Britain's Got Talent. Ben Haenow was a truck driver who won the X-Factor and conquered fame. Their stories remind me of Honey G's one: she had a regular job (in IT business according to her LinkedIn account) and in her free time she liked to rap. One day, she took more seriously than ever her engagement in hip hop music and participated in the X-Factor. We cannot know the motivation behind this decision, but certainly her destiny is like a fairy tale with similarities to Cinderella's plot.

At the end of the day, what all people outright want from their life? To make their dreams come true, so as to escape from the mundane world. However, reality often prevents them from that. Others accept that fate, lacking the courage to follow their dreams or the belief that they will make it. They don't want to risk what they have built to walk on an undiscovered path that is uncertain where will lead. So, they stay in safe grounds.

Honey G put aside any concerns and listened to her heart, conditions that could explain the strong hate she receives; the majority of people would want to be able to do what she does, but don't dare it. In contrast to it, Honey G dreams on and makes it happen. And that is more admirable than anything else.