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Matt Terry Shone Too Much To Not Win The X-Factor

There are some people who glow no matter what and Matt Terry is one of them. So, it was inevitable for him, to win the X-Factor.

At first glance, he is a Louis Tomlinson doppelganger, but when he sings he has his own identity. He can do whatever he wants with his voice. He controls it pretty well and this proves his worth. His mentor Nicole Scherzinger had asked guest judge Calvin Harris, in the Judge's House round when she had to make the decision on which boys she would take to the live shows, if Matt Terry is distinctive enough. Now there is no doubt about that. He is one of the singers that you enjoy watching the most, because above all he has quality. He was stable in his X-Factor performances and never had a bad night that could put doubts over his potential.

Among the reasons Matt Terry won the X-Factor are not only his good singing voice and his attractive appearance, but also because at this moment of his life he needed music more than anything else, so as to ease the pain. When someone needs something in order to feel better, that something returns him love. This is what happened with Matt Terry, but he also deserved it as an artist, so music needed him and needs him too. The song he sang in Judge's House "She's out of my life" by Michael Jackson shows exactly that. He joined the X-Factor after the split with his girlfriend, yet he didn't let it affect him negatively. The way he dealt with it is admirable. He was smiling like being the happiest person in the world, while this was not actually the case. He was shining like a star. He was performing as if he had already won.

Matt generates a power and a confidence when he is singing. He is not reluctant at all in illustrating his talent. He doesn't fear that he won't provide an adequate outcome. He gives his best, he shows his greatest strengths. He has a brightness that makes you feel only good things about him. He is a genuine person and singer and doesn't hesitate to demonstrate his emotions. He is eager to be in connection with the audience and this is very important for his future career. Matt Terry doesn't believe he is great when everyone is saying that to him all the time. He was humble throughout his course in the X-Factor. He has a character that has only positive elements.

Many singers have won the X-Factor and generally other music competitions. However, most of them didn't have a huge career. Only a few of them managed to leave their mark in the industry. Matt Terry is someone that can be like the latter. Of course, this cannot occur in one day. It needs effort and persistence. Matt looks able to take advantage of the gift he has and brings him a value that everybody recognises. He shone too much to not win the X-Factor. He shines too much to not have a remarkable career.