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What Mahatma Gandhi Would Say To Honey G

Mahatma Gandhi and Honey G haven't got many things in common. The first was an Indian leader, born in 1869, and the second is an eccentric rapper from North West London. However, hypothetically, if the two of them could coexist in current times, there is something that Mahatma Gandhi would say to Honey G if he knew her story in The X-Factor.

When he lived, Gandhi had said for the hate the world endured in his ages that: "first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." This quote fits perfectly with what Honey G experienced in her course in the X-Factor and could easily be the advice of Gandhi to her for her farewell in the competition.

They ignored her: Honey G cannot be ignored, as everyone had been talking about her right from the start, but she was ignored in another sense. Initially, people thought that Honey G will not last for long in the X-Factor and round by round they had been expecting to see her go. This was the case since the Auditions, then in the Bootcamp, the Six Chair Challenge and the Judge's House. But when she performed in the first live show, she gained more respect.

They laughed at her: People couldn't see her worth, possibly due to the fact that Honey G was constantly declaring that she is like Nicki Minaj and can be the next Jay Z or the next biggest rap artist in the UK. They didn't take her seriously and didn't try to see beyond her self-assertion, to notice the real potential of hers in rap music. She hadn't got less talent than the other X-Factor contestants, but the latter didn't receive harsh criticism. Hence the explanation for the focus of the haters towards her is Honey G's strategy to promote herself as if already being a star.

They fought her: A lot of stories have been written about Honey G after her participation in the X-Factor and among them were stories of accusations regarding everything she was doing. People claimed that she is not appropriate culturally, that she was using inappropriate words in her songs, even that she is not real but a prank. They were trying to find something that would lower her to fight her, when they saw that the audience was approving her and had been keeping her in the contest for weeks. Nothing of all these harmed her, though.

She won: Honey G cannot win the X-Factor anymore, as she left the show, but in my opinion she is the real winner, because no one expected that she would come this far. Honey G is in the top five and no one can take that from her. If an artist has merit, winning a music competition is not a requirement for him to have a career. Honey G can have a career and if this becomes reality then Gandhi's saying will be complete for her.

I believe that the next step for Honey G, outside the X-Factor, should be to duet with a few famous rappers before she releases her own songs. This is a way to reverse the situation with the haters and be appreciated more. Snoop Dogg has already expressed his will to record a song and play in a video clip with Honey G. So, Honey G has future in rapping as long as she has the desire to continue her journey in the hip hop scene.