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Honey G's Supporters Are Beating The Haters


Screenshot from X-Factor's official youtube channel:

Honey G's haters expect every week her to be axed from the X-Factor. To their disappointment, Honey G, not only is staying in the competition for one more week, but she has never been a candidate to leave and according to odds she has many chances to reach the final. It seems that as long as the haters continue to hate her, her supporters will love her more and do whatever they can to keep her alive in her goal to have success. There is one more fact: Honey G has managed to make some of the haters like her: Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne are among them.

I admit that one of the reasons that I watch 2016 X-Factor is to see what Honey G is going to do in her next performance. If it wasn't for her, I don't know if I had had the same interest to watch the show. I think she has something unique, but the haters only see with negativity and possibly disagree with me over my compliments for her, at least at the moment. Who knows what they will think in the future? Honey G might capture their heart then, like what happened with the Judges.

Besides, I have an argument for the haters: Perfection is not the ultimate requirement in order someone to have a remarkable career and to deserve to have one, not only in music but everywhere. There are singers that don't have the best voice and are in the top league. There are also flawless singers that never become stars, because they don't have star quality. That is why the show is called the X-Factor. The competition seeks someone who has got appeal that is accompanied with a decent effectiveness. Honey G has that.

When I first saw Honey G in her Audition, she immediately caught my attention, not only for her casual outfit, but also her style of rapping. I could identify her with the famous rappers. She hasn't got less capacity than them to one day do what they do, with the condition that she will work hard to reach their level. She made me feel positive vibes and I liked her. I became, though, aware that many people disregard her, such as Simon Cowell and some of the X-Factor fans, and I acquired the need to support her and be one of her advocates.

For me, she is a symbol. There are a lot of people like her out there: unknown rappers that have genuine love for hip hop music and unprecedented passion, but go unnoticed and never manage to make the breakthrough in the industry. Thus, they remain forever raw. Honey G has the strength to follow her dreams and present herself with confidence, by swimming against the tide. She dares to express in front of millions of people her vibe and her flow despite the fact that she comes from an overshadowed culture.

She doesn't have the experience of being a famous rapper, but she acts as if she has already become one, right from the start, without fearing the cost of this behaviour. This is one more reason why she has got so many haters: her self-assertion. If she was humble and down-to-earth, perhaps she would have had less haters, but maybe then she wouldn't have succeeded in the X-Factor.

So, being excessively confident makes her even more controversial and likable at the same time, and usually controversial personalities have got many haters. Besides, rap is an aggressive form of music and that is one more point that causes hate. Nevertheless, Simon Cowell said to her in the third live show that: "when people are talking about you, you win." Obviously, Honey G has won, whether she continues to have haters or not, let alone if they start to love her, like Simon Cowell. The X-Factor creator has been saying nice things to her in every live show, whereas when he first saw her he didn't see her merit.

Personally, I have more reasons to be a hater of hers. I had never been the biggest fan of rap music, but I am not a hater of Honey G. I am not the kind of person that has the tendency to search often for hip hop sounds; if I become aware of a rap hit I might like it. Nonetheless, Honey G prompts me want to follow her career, because she does things that attract the audiences.

In my opinion, Honey G is a rapper that hip hop industry misses right now and needs. I also believe that her haters will soon alter their mind and respect her more. I don't know if she can win the X-Factor, but I could envisage her as a finalist, especially if her haters will have a change of heart, like what happened with her mentor, Sharon Osbourne, something for which Honey G had hoped beforehand.

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