17/10/2016 09:53 BST | Updated 18/10/2017 06:12 BST

X-Factor Fans Are Missing Bratavio. So Do I, And Here's Why

Photo Credit: Screenshot/ X Factor Official Facebook Page

During and after the second live show of the X-Factor 2016, some of the fans expressed their desire for double-act Bratavio to have stayed. They refuse to forget them despite the fact that the colourful pair were the first departure in the competition.

I agree with those people. For me, something is missing right now in the X-Factor and in a sense it is Bratavio's pleasant aura. Together with Honey G they were the mascots of the show and only Honey G is left to entertain the viewers. I became aware that X Factor fans are nostalgic about Bratavio and I didn't feel alone.

Ottavio and Bradley deserve to be in the memory of the audience as artists. They are not perfect (who is perfect at the end of the day?) and are raw yet, I would love to see more of them either inside the competition - even if that is impossible right now - or outside of it - if they decide to chase a career in music. I spotted their potential - they demonstrated improvement regardless of the flaws their critics were constantly detecting in them.

The fashion-driven duet started as solo singers, but eventually were persuaded by the judges to form a group together and their mentor, Louis Walsh, supported them until the end. Things didn't go as they expected, as they were eliminated early in the live shows, but at least they got the chance to illustrate their talent. Others respected it, others not.

What is important is that Bratavio have the courage to be different. This is a brave path to follow in a society that sometimes become very cruel. It is true that people were very cruel with Bratavio the last few days and particularly right after their performance the previous weekend. In my opinion, Bratavio brought joy and colour to the X-Factor through their pure engagement in music and attempt to combine their singing with their fashion.

The emerging pop duo expressed the belief that they represent the new generation of music, and who can take their vision from them? No one has the right to intervene, although it is still too early to conclude if they indeed are correct. I believe that a remarkable career doesn't require only talent, but also something unique to offer to music in order the industry to progress and evolve.

Bratavio have that; they need to work a lot though. For me, the crowds should judge them when they have crossed from the best version of themselves. That is why I think that the way the audience treated them in the first live show and especially Simon Cowell, who said that they were like a horror movie, was a little unfair for them, taking into account their endeavors to prove their haters wrong.

They are two young, eccentric personalities who have dreams and ambitions like all people and have the right to pursue them. After that, they will ultimately see where they truly belong. Besides, the youth always experiment in their 20s and make mistakes before they reach their destination. That is why I would prefer it if the spectators have been more lenient with Bratavio. Of course, usually people don't see beyond the surface of things and cannot understand more other than the obvious; they are used to judging a book by its cover, and that is why they don't hesitate to bully.

Certainly, this is not Bratavio's fault. Bratavio must continue do what they love and not care of what others think; I reckon they already know that and will act accordingly. Perhaps, the haters are the ones that must investigate what is wrong with themselves and why they spread negative vibes instead of encouraging people to follow their dreams and be better in what they do.