14/11/2016 06:27 GMT | Updated 14/11/2017 05:12 GMT

The Tempestuous Journey Of Saara Aalto In The X-Factor

Luca Teuchmann via Getty Images

Saara Aalto has faced hard times in this year's X-Factor, perhaps more than anyone else that is currently in the competition. However, she has overcome the obstacles and the difficulties and has managed to survive in the show. Despite the hurdles, she has also made the viewers adore her.

Snapshot from the Official X-Factor Channel On Youtube

Her history in this season's X-Factor has been "stormy." She had amazed the judges with her audition, but her mentor Sharon Osbourne was absent. That was probably one of the reasons "Mrs. SO" didn't notice Saara's talent in the Six Chair Challenge and didn't give her a seat. Nicole Scherzinger, who knew how talented Saara is, intervened in order the girl from Finland to get the wild card. In the Judges' House Saara made it. Guest judge Robbie Williams was impressed by her and during the first live show he tweeted to say how good she is. He has also included her in his favourite singers of X-Factor 2016.

Out of six X-Factor live shows, Saara Aalto has been close to the exit in the three of them. She wasn't eliminated though, avoiding it literally in the last moment. The first time, the majority of the Judges preferred her to stay instead of Bratavio. The second time, the judging panel couldn't make up their minds and left it all up to the audience, who decided to save Saara, sending Freddy Parker home. In the third and fourth live show, Saara was not a candidate to be axed. Nonetheless, in the fifth live show, she was in the bottom two again. Fortunately for her, the judges decided to keep her rather than Four Of Diamonds. In the sixth live show, last weekend, she was at her best.

The Finn singer has offered impressive performances during her tempestuous journey in the X-Factor. She has shown multiple aspects of her talent: in singing, dancing and theatrical combination of them. Besides, Saara is the most viral contestant in the X-Factor 2016 regarding the views on the official youtube channel of the competition. Simon Cowell has admitted that she has shown the greatest improvement from all participants. I don't quite agree with him from the aspect that she was one of the best singers right from the start, so she didn't need to improve; she was already in a high level and that is sufficient in order she to deserve to remain for long in the show.

Despite the fact that the audience appreciates her merit, Saara Aalto has often faced elimination. I find it plausible, since the competition is getting harder and harder as it reaches the final stages. However, she has got always the way to reverse the situation and that is what happened last weekend too. The big question now is how far the 29-year-old pop artist can go in the show. I believe that she has got the voice and the talent to reach the final. Nevertheless, I would not be surprised if she is a candidate to leave and be saved again, either by the judges or the audience; she has got such a unique gift that cannot be ignored.