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What Did Bruce Lee Mean: 'Be Like Water'?

"Be like water." ~ Bruce Lee

In order to figure out the meaning of this, I suppose we should first discuss the extraordinary attributes of water. Water is flexible, it's everywhere, and it's life-sustaining. Water has no shape; instead, it flows where it desires, and it alters its movement and speed as it wishes or as the need requires. It is strong, free, and a powerful entity. Water is ever-changing and satiates our survival, our lives.

Did you know that over half, (anywhere from 50-75%), of your body is made of water? Did you know that about 71% of our earth's surface is covered in water? Water is everywhere on earth and comprises over half of our bodies. If it is so abundant, then why aren't we more like it?

We have become rigid and tight due to the stresses, anxieties, and over-stimulation that our society promotes and demands. We hold steadfastly to this idea of controlling external forces, that we no longer know how to cope when those forces change or upset us. We need to be like water. We need to be open and flow with the circumstances by responding accordingly. I'm not suggesting that we lose control, but rather, redefine it. "Control" needs to take on a whole new meaning. We can not control the happenings of this world, but we can control how we react to them. Water is strong, powerful, and is the center of all life. Though it changes in shape, tide, direction, and speed, it is our ultimate source of sustenance. It understands its power, and it's not going anywhere, unless it takes us with it. We need to understand that no one can take our power away either, unless we allow them to do so. Water can not be broken; if we are like water, then we can not be broken either.

"Be like water," has become extremely meaningful to me, especially lately. I've discovered the less I force things to happen, and the more accepting and calm about my life's direction I am, the easier I can flow with and live my life. During the intuitive reading I had the other day, I was asked what worry does for me. I responded that it makes me sick. In response to that, my reader told me that it makes me (us) rigid. We become closed to the possibilities, opportunities, and positive energy that would come to us. If we allow ourselves to surrender, breathe, trust, and simply let go, then we can accept the goodness that comes. If we surrender our rigidity, we can be water.

I'm in no way suggesting that this surrender is an easy thing to accomplish; I'm still figuring it out and trying to let go of the handle bars of control as well. Yet, if I can consistently remind myself of this, and repeat this simple, yet deeply meaningful "water mantra", then I can continue to shed this rigidity.

Allow me to leave you with this: Think about how water dances in the moonlight, splashes playfully upon the sand, bathes and laughs in the sunlight. Let's dance, play, bask and laugh with life as water does with nature. We are water, and water is us, now let us allow ourselves to be more like it.


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