06/02/2017 08:15 GMT | Updated 07/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Flexible Living: Top Tips To Help Your Home Fit Into Your Lifestyle

Your living room can act as a children's playroom, a cinema, a work space or a place to entertain friends - and all in a single day. The idea of flexible living means that your home can flow through all its different uses; it isn't static - it shifts and reflects your requirements. We've picked out five top tips to make the most of a modern home.

Utilise every inch

It sounds simple, but the average home wastes a huge amount of space that could be better utilised. There are many nooks and crannies that can be easily transformed by the smart use of space; for example, using storage units placed above the door or transforming that cupboard under the stairs into a Harry Potter-inspired miniature study. This is more important than ever in busy urban environments where space is a hugely valuable commodity.

Go smart and reap the benefits

Nowadays, wireless systems connecting multiple speakers and televisions can be placed in multiple rooms of your home without any connectivity issues. This means all your entertainment content can be accessed no matter which room you are in - watch films from your bed or pump out music in the kitchen.

However, smart solutions do not have to end at entertainment; lighting, blinds, climate and more can all be controlled automatically or through your smartphone. The benefits are impossible to ignore: over 70% of Houzz - the home renovation and design platform - users reported being 'very satisfied' after installing smart upgrades, compared with a 45% satisfaction rate amongst those who passed on smart solutions.

Use flexible gadgets

Picking the right hardware for your home is more important than ever and will make a huge difference in how easily your space can transform to meet your needs. While wireless solutions mean interconnectivity around the home, being able to physically move your tech can make a room instantly adjustable. Portable, wireless speakers that you can move from room to room or a television you can rotate to face any area of a room will only broaden the use of your space. Be in control of your technology; make it work for your needs.

Keep it natural

While high-tech additions to your home can make massive improvements to the quality of your home, it's important they do not get in the way when not in use. Superior technology does not mean a sacrifice in design and should in fact complement it. Pick technology that fits into your interior; which excels when called upon but remains elegant and unobtrusive when not in use. Technology that embraces untraditional materials, woods and milled aluminium for example, can join your furnishings while remaining discreet.

Make sure you know when to adjust

Flexible living is all about making your space, your homes, your devices not only meet your needs but respond to the changes in your needs. Yet you still need to identify when those needs are changing. Adjusting those spaces when the need arises means they can serve multiple singular purposes and will allow you to focus on life, work and play without interruption.

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