04/11/2014 07:49 GMT | Updated 03/01/2015 05:59 GMT

How do You Define Your Wedding Style?

Defining your wedding style may appear to be relatively easy.

Surely it as simple as sitting down with your fiancé and working out (after you have decided on your wedding date, and venue), the kind of wedding you want.

However, this is where things might start to get a little trickier. Yes, you may have dreamed of a fairytale wedding theme with lots of pink, but remember it is your GROOM's wedding day too and he may (dare I say it!) not be a fan of pink.

Equally, you may love everything very white/crisp and contemporary whereas he loves everything brightly coloured.

So, before you resort to childlike tantrums, why not take the opportunity to work out a style that would suit both of you? If for example he hates pink, and you are not a fan of bright colours, try and find a colour that you both like for example midnight blue (In other words, navy), which not only looks incredibly stylish, but is very of the moment.

Other ways in which you can define your wedding style is to ask yourself some questions such as;

1. Define style in three words?

2. Less is more... Agree or disagree

3. Small and intimate or full on party?

4. Country chic or city cool?

5. Black tie or keep it casual?

6. Designer elegance or DIY style?

Hopefully you will have some common ground in your answers, which will help you get a clear idea on the wedding style that would suit you both as a couple. If these questions don't make things easier for you, then I will mention the dreaded but CRUCIAL word, COMPROMISE.

Perhaps your wedding won't be exactly what you want, but by incorporating your fiancé's style and personality into the proceedings, you will not only make him feel a lot happier, but you will be creating a day that is a reflection of you as a unit/couple rather than individuals. You might even find that your wedding day will turn out to be an inspiration for future engaged couples!