06/03/2014 06:13 GMT | Updated 05/05/2014 06:59 BST

Seven Rules Every Wedding Guest Should Follow

It is around this time of year that you might start getting deluged with wedding invitations. As the season starts to get underway, make sure you follow these seven essential wedding guest rules....

1. Don't wear white.

OK, it may be fashionable for bridesmaids (think Pippa Middleton), but I still don't think 'white' should be generally worn by anyone other than the bride. After all, there are so many other colours to choose from so there is no need to go anywhere near this shade.

2. Avoid anything too short or low cut

Yes, I know you are going to a wedding and not a religious convention, but remember it is the bride's turn to be the centre of attention and not yours. The last thing you will want her to think is 'why on earth did xxx wear that inappropriate outfit to my wedding?' You have so many other occasions to wear a short, low cut dress, so don't use your friend's wedding to show it off.

3. Don't ask to bring a plus one if there is not one written down

If you have got a new partner and are expecting them to be invited, this can be a little awkward. After all, why would you want to go to a wedding when your partner can't? However, whatever you do, don't make the mistake of asking the bride if they can come. If she wanted or was able to invite them, she would have done.

4. Don't get too drunk...

A wedding might seem like the perfect opportunity to drink lots of alcohol and party the night away, but believe me, you will not want all eyes (and the video camera) on you if you consume a little too much on the night. You will not only end up feeling very embarrassed, but the bride will probably never forgive you.

5. Go with an open mind if you are single...

Believe it or not, weddings are a great place to meet a partner if you are single. You never know who you are going to encounter, so make sure you splash out on a new outfit and take plenty of time getting ready. After all, you might be lucky enough to meet 'Mr Right' at the wedding and end up planning one yourself!

6. Buy a present..

This may sound obvious, but I have heard on occasion of guests not buying anything off the gift list or bringing a present to the wedding. Remember, it will cost a lot for the bride and groom to have you at their wedding, so don't take advantage of their generosity. Not only will they think you are 'mean', but it is just very bad taste.

7. Compliment, compliment, compliment

Nobody at a wedding will tire of you saying the following things, 'your dress is so beautiful' (to the bride), 'you look so lovely' (to the bridesmaids), 'the venue is spectacular' (to the bride's mother). I could go on, but I think you get the gist. Not only will they appreciate it, but it will put a smile on their faces. More importantly, they will think you are super nice, which of course you are.