31/07/2013 11:40 BST | Updated 28/09/2013 06:12 BST

The Royal Baby & The Cult Of Celebrity


Sky News' saccharine coverage of the Royal birth owed more to the ever expanding cult of celebrity, than it did to monarchical approval.

While most 24hour news channels, Sky included, normally stay clear of the hollow vacuum of celebrity tittle tattle, the birth of the future King gave them an excuse to relieve themselves of serious journalism.

Commercial breaks are now greeted with a nauseating montage of the day's events, compeered by the usually hard-nosed Kay Burley, prancing around like Fern Cotton, speaking to terrifying people; fascinated with a child they will never know.

However, one genuinely interesting piece of trivia which came out of the sentimental orgy, was that Prince William's birth in 1982, was met with a mere fraction of the interest.

So why the big difference? Has the nation collectively realised, amidst all the extramarital affairs and horse riding, that the family Windsor are in fact amazing?

No, the truth is that the obsession with celebrity which engulfed Princess Diana, has never stopped growing, like a dying star, every expanding and giving life to throngs of meaningless Earth dwellers.

The explosion of the internet has helped fuel this ridiculous pre-occupation with fame. The glamour, the scandal, and most of all, the obscene wealth.

Of course, the Windsors have always been uneasy with the spotlight which comes with their entitlement.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now been offered up to the celebrity feeding frenzy, who have happily gorged on the fairytale romance.

Also, tabloid interest in Duchess' sister, whose bottom acted as a kind of press decoy during the honeymoon period, is waning.

Indeed, public interest in the young family will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, as the insatiable appetite for gossip continues.

But, while most infants would be shielded and protected from such an intrusive circus, George Alexander Louis Windsor, will be expected to take centre stage.

And, judging by Sky News' approach, which shows no sign of abating, the child will have a complex and challenging journey ahead of him.