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Head or Heart in Sales?

What shouts louder to you? Your head or your heart?

In this kind of market people are sick of getting badly thought out approaches that don't truly engage. It's a bit like standing in a bar and just shouting at the top of your voice about what a great person you are. People will hear you but because you're just talking about yourself they won't be interested.

Result? They'll dismiss you out of hand because whilst you've connected with their head; there's nothing there for the heart.

So you think I'm being too soft and overly romantic about the way people buy?

Well, of course, you can go too far. If you just run around that same bar intimately gushing to everyone about how much you love them then you'll be just as much as a turn off. A weirdo even...

So what's the balance in the way that brands buy agencies, and in fact, the way that any organization buys a product or service from another in the B2B realm?

I believe that every business probably started from the heart. A desire to change the way people do things, to improve how a brand delivers its message, to make life easier for consumers... the list goes on.

So in my view you start a business with your heart and you run a business with your head. Make sense?

How does this relate to selling your company's services and drumming up that all important new business?

Well, the approaches that are best received are the ones that truly engage on both levels. You need to show your would-be clients that you are capable, experienced and commercial, but they will also (and crucially) need to like you and want to work with you.

So first up you need to get your story straight. Great case studies, a reason to connect and a show of strength that appeals. Secondly you need to work on your tone of voice, the way you prospect people and how you come across as a business.

With head and heart well mixed you'll find a tone of voice and approach that will much better engage your audience, creating appeal at a far deeper level than simply 'prospecting people'.

This counts whether you're making calls, sending emails, meeting people or pitching. You always have to have a balance.

Head or heart in sales? Share your thoughts with me @MarkYoungNewBus or read more tips on how to win new business by visiting the Retriever blog.

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