04/10/2016 13:28 BST | Updated 05/10/2017 06:12 BST

If You Liked Stranger Things You Will Love These 5 TV Shows


You probably watched all eight episodes of the binge-worthy, synth-driven, '80s sci-fi masterpiece in a day. Yes, I'm talking to you, who watched 'Stranger Things' all in one sitting whilst drowning in pizza and snacks (or maybe that was me). So now you're probably feeling the withdrawal symptoms and aimlessly searching Netflix to fill that nostalgic 80s-themed hole that's missing in your life. If this sounds like you then these are the best TV shows you should definitely binge-watch next.

1. Twin Peaks - You can't watch 'Stranger Things' without watching 'Twin Peaks'. It's a fact. The resemblance to the eerie 80's setting of Snoqualmie, North Bend and Fall City that appear in 'Twin Peaks' and the similar spine chilling, synth-driven soundtracks is uncanny. 'Twin Peaks' was a pop-culture phenomenon in 1990 and it paved the way for the innovative, risky series' that we often see influenced by 'Twin Peaks' today. The David Lynch masterpiece follows FBI agent Dale Cooper in his investigation to find the killer of Laura Palmer. We are introduced to odd characters throughout the 2 seasons, eerie visuals and the 'red room' scenes which provide us with a piece of cinematic art. Luckily for us 'Peaker's', 'Twin Peaks' is releasing a 9-episode series with the pushed back date of 2017. Well - it only seems fair seeing as Laura Palmer told Dale Cooper in the 'red room' that she'll see him again in 25 years.

2. Freaks and Geeks - Okay, so James Franco and Seth Rogen don't venture into the 'upside down' or encounter any thing near the likes of the 'demogorgon' but the similarity between the teens in both 'Freaks and Geeks' and 'Stranger Things' is striking. If you're craving that award-winning portrayal of 80's misfit kids trying to be cool and grown up - you're in the right place. Both feature a group of pre-teen nerds in the 80's and their older and more cooler siblings/school mates. The two shows have been credited for their accurate portrayal of children from the 80's. When watching 'Freaks and Geeks' you will constantly be thinking "what else have they been in?!" with multiple cameos from popular modern day actors.

3. Fargo (TV Series) - The first series is set in 2006 and the second series' time period being 1979, viewers see the connection of story lines and characters that they met in the first season. 'Fargo' at times turns a bit sci-fi so if you liked that aspect of 'Stranger Things' you will definitely appreciate 'Fargo'. Set in two different towns of Minnesota, both seasons of 'Fargo' follow the deputies in their investigation into multiple murders. Noah Hawley and the Coen brothers perfectly combine comedy, drama and violence to create a TV show that will keep you hooked - and make you want to binge watch in a day.

4. Wayward Pines - If you loved the sci-fi aspect of 'Stranger Things' then this ones for you. M. Night Shyamalan's psychological, mind-bending thriller about a mysterious small town, Wayward Pines, will help you get over the withdrawal symptoms. 'Wayward Pines' is set in a small, eerie-vibed town, similar to 'Stranger Things' with lots of unusual going-ons occurring that will fill that creepy-vibe themed tv show hole in your life.

5. Beyond the Black Rainbow - This isn't a TV show but this sci-fi thriller/horror film 'Beyond the Black Rainbow' features a creepy father-like figure similar to Dr Martin Brenner in 'Stranger Things' who holds a woman captive and tests her physic abilities. The woman in 'Beyond the Black Rainbow' is called Elena ... Eleven ...