11/08/2015 10:57 BST | Updated 11/08/2016 06:59 BST

How BBC 3's 'Totally Senseless Gameshow' Came About

As a wee Martin, I would sit and watch all the crazy shows the 90s had to offer like The Big Breakfast, Blind Date, Gladiator, Alive and Kicking; I could go on for ages.

They don't make shows like that anymore and I miss them. The shiny floors, the cheesy music, and all the family together, chucking away at other peoples misfortunes. Especially when Blind Date was on: What happens when you put willing contestants in front of a live audience? I'll tell you what you get: TV gold!

The Totally Senseless Gameshow was formed with all of those memories in mind but, it comes with a twist. Get a couple of celebs and make them do things in front of people: Nothing original about that idea because it happens all the time.

But I have a condition called cerebral palsy which means I use a wheelchair to get about. What better way to bring people into my world, than to let them experience it for themselves?

I like to tease people so that's all the information about the show I'm giving.

To say this project was challenging for me would be a huge understatement. I usually present a children's news programme, so having my own one x 30 comedy show meant I was a completely out of my depth. I mean I might be a funny guy. But do I know how to make things funny on TV? There is a difference you know. To add to that, how does a newsreader become a comedy host? Has that ever been done before?

On the very first day of this project, I quickly realised I must the luckiest man in the world because not only was I going to be the person doing this, In my opinion I was going to be working with some of the best comedy brains around.

I really want to take all of the credit for this show, but I can't. A good friend of mine, Gina Lyons, deserves most of the applause.

I came up with a couple of crazy ideas and that lovely human made it all happen because she believed in the idea. She even managed to convince people that I should be the person in the driving seat, which was amazing because at the time I wasn't so sure she was right.

Gina ended up producing the pilot with Rough-Cut Productions. As soon as I walked into their office, I felt as though I'd known everyone for ages. They understood my humour and what this show was, arguably before I did.

Sometimes all you need is for someone to take a chance in you. There are TV presenters out there who've never had the chance to do something like this. I just hope people enjoy the show and I hope it gets people talking about disability in a positive way.

The Totally Senseless Gameshow is on BBC3 tonight at 10.30pm. Rick Edwards, Greg Rutherford, Sugababe Amelle Berrabah and Casey Batchelor compete in a series of physically challenging but hugely silly games like 'Para-oke' and 'The Drunk Grand National'.