05/12/2013 08:27 GMT | Updated 01/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Julie Meyer and Entrepreneur Country: A Breakthrough in Big Picture Business, Economics and General Systems Thinking

Julie Meyer is the highly visionary and multi-talented founder of which is an innovative and exciting global discovery platform for digital companies, providing them with vast networking opportunities and access to crucial top-level industry information...

Julie Meyer is the highly visionary and multi-talented founder of which is an innovative and exciting global discovery platform for digital companies, providing them with vast networking opportunities and access to crucial top-level industry information. Julie is also Chairman and CE of Ariadne Capital, as well as a Dragons' Den online judge. In my opinion, Julie is a phenomenal success both personally and professionally, because through her integrated world system philosophy of Ecosystem EconomicsTM, she quite simply gets the biggest of big pictures.

It goes without saying that we are crawling out of the worst recession since the 1930s, during which many have lost jobs, savings, homes, health, hope and tragically, sometimes their lives - literally. There really is only so much that an economically beleaguered human being can take because so often our jobs and bank balances are inextricably (and dangerously) linked to each other and everything else. And as an early 1990s recession victim of some severity, it is horribly shocking to me that once recessions begin to melt, we are very soon back to square one amnesia where the next round of economic bloody mindlessness swiftly manifests in uncontrollable bubbles, corporate irresponsibility and insidious personal and professional competition.

However, Julie Meyer has truly gotten to grips with the reality that we do live in a highly interdependent system and it is only right and fair that great individuals offering great products and services receive a fair slice of the business-support cake - particularly at a time they can least afford it - which is most often during start-up. Advertising is always expensive and quite often a hit and miss activity. In addition, not everyone is a great networker nor afforded useful free networking opportunities. Therefore, if you can't afford expensive brokering services then product or no product, you really are stuck.

Via, 'eco-systemic co-entrepreneur' Julie helps the start-up business on all counts as her drive towards fostering an international spirit of 'co-entrepreneurialism' is clearly based on a passion for 'love thy neighbour'. In other words, Julie makes business miracles happen and not just through luck. Entrepreneur Country, therefore, is not about survival of the fittest, but enabling the thriving of the fully functioning and integrated global business system.

The underlying ethos on which Entrepreneur Country's activities is based is that systems do not think for themselves. And when I say systems, I mean any system such as a computer, an organisation, an economic system or a human being. If systems are to survive and thrive they will always do so through mutually organised and balanced interaction based on a healthy agenda. For instance, nature's profound systems wisdom is very evident in the sophisticated process map of the human body in relation to its digestion of food. Broadly speaking, however, conventional political systems have failed because the perennially gaping free market floodgates permit economic tornadoes and financial barbarism, whereas financial, moral and creative necrosis festers within the stagnant environment of nations surviving behind the impenetrable economic prison doors of communism. These economic bulimic and anorexic systems are of no use to man nor beast because at some point, both extremes of governance are the death of sustained commercial will and innovation through extremes of control or loss of control and the ensuing depressions and anxieties of its victims. In other words, children thrive through healthy and balanced parental interaction - not through the abuses of extremes in terms of imprisonment or abandonment. Healthy balance is reflected in society by an organised system of contingency intervention and this is EXACTLY the spirit of the digital platform Julie provides. It is about the fullest expert and common sense integration of care, logic and healthy self-interest in respect of all participants.

In fact from a General Systems Theory perspective, we probably unconsciously learned this sustainable systems fundamental very early on if we experienced riding on a multi-seated rotating seesaw where all seats are filled and thus no one had too much control. It was a far more comfortable experience than being 'manipulated' by a heavier or lighter person on a traditional 1970s 2 x seater! A 'matrix seesaw' is physical proof of right, centre and left attitudes working in perfect harmony because they are conjoined to a wider, highly organised system. Thus nobody hits rock bottom and stays there long, nor are we saddled with an uninspiring and indecisive middle or a permanently 'stuck-up' (...physically and/or psychologically...!). The experience was a smooth, but energetic and stimulating ride. In essence, we observed that what goes around truly DOES come around and we are all a fully operating part of, and influence over the whole.

Finally, in my opinion Julie Meyer and her entrepreneurial and innovative editor, Kelly Dolan, are an example to all of business and economics. The sum of Entrepreneur Country IS truly greater than the parts. And if you would like to learn more about 'Entrepreneur Country's' vision, I highly recommend Julie's exciting book 'Welcome to Entrepreneur Country' which is available on Amazon.