11/02/2014 06:39 GMT | Updated 12/04/2014 06:59 BST

ECB Offer Shoddy Explanation Over Kevin Pietersen Sage

A full week has now rumbled since the England and Wales Cricket Board announced that Kevin Pietersen would play no further matches in an England shirt. His career - as an international cricketer anyway - was over.

The South-African born, Pietersen met with ECB managing director Paul Downton who said: "The time is right to rebuild not only the team but also the team ethic."

Pietersen responded: "I will continue to play but deeply regret that it won't be for England.

The whole decision to just oust one of England's greatest players was a confusing and harsh one, which divided opinion.

And yesterday, the ECB "explained" why they had done it:

"Kevin Pietersen's international career was ended so captain Alastair Cook could create a culture where players trust each other," the England and Wales Cricket Board has said.

I just think that statement is a complete and utter cover-up. It's laughable to the fact that you have to go above the team director (who was coincidently sacked the week before) and target one of England's top performers over the last nine years.

Yes, his actions have been disputed, and decisions were questioned after we took an absolute drubbing down-under.

However, you find me ANY England fan that didn't have confidence in KP's unbelievable quality, nor thought he was one of the best batsmen the three lion's had ever, ever witnessed.

The ECB have claimed they want to "create a culture" - which is rubbish in it's own sense. How on earth can you just sack one player who supposedly isn't trusted by the captain?

It would be brilliant if, whomever was the next Team Director decided to drop Alastair Cook as captain, and decided maybe it was best for Kevin Pietersen to return to the frame. Would that be right or wrong?

It's such a difficult one. For the last nine years, I watched KP dazzle and would sometimes need to draw my breath at just how good he was. His switch-hit against Styris, the fact he put on a beloved Surrey cap - it was all magical, for me.

I'll miss him for England, because I feel he had 18 months left of him. Yes, he was getting older, and his body was desperately fighting for him, but he had enough in him to allow his body to take that toll.

What the ECB did was wrong. Questions were answered, and I guess they still are, but they've done a disservice to someone that put 110% into England cricket. Regardless of the reports, the text messages, hands down he would be on that team sheet, for his sheer brilliance.

As an England fan, a patriot, and a normal human being, thank you Kevin Pietersen. Luckily, I'll see you at The Oval at some point this year. Shame it's not in an England shirt.

However, as the saying goes - "What's your loss, is my gain."