22/08/2013 19:16 BST | Updated 21/10/2013 06:12 BST

BB14 Final - My Opinion

Many viewers have said that this series of Big Brother was Channel 5's best ever. Actually, last years in my opinion was a LOT better. Even from the first few weeks I could tell that this year was not going to be anywhere near as entertaining or controversial as the events that took place in last year's house. Regardless, this series was good and I definitely give Channel 5 credit for mixing it up a little and putting their stamp on the show with some new(ish) twists (despite the lack of originality in a fair number). The ratings have notably increased over the course of the series, the interior of the house was fresh and innovative, the mix-up of contestants were strong and neither too bland nor eccentric. Everything had been great for the first nine weeks; this was until of course until Sam actually won...

What a way to end such a good series. With contestants as controversial and unique as Dexter and Gina, possibly the most boring contestant ever to set foot through those doors (let alone this series), snared the whole prize fund! I'm all for the "genuine" and "real" housemates. For example, last year's winner Luke survived the ten weeks by being true to himself, standing up for what he believed in and only crossing the line when it called upon necessary. Sam on the other hand was less interesting than watching paint dry. Throughout the early weeks I actually had to remind myself he was in that house. With other housemates so unconventional and charismatic in that final, I'm honestly disappointed that someone so bland, unexciting and irrelevant to the series' success has won. I'd safely say that Rachel Rice was a better and more worthy winner than he has been.

The final week as always was not the most interesting. When the end starts to near the excitement begins to die down and enthusiasm of housemates begins to diminish. Looking back to the beginning of the show, both Dexter and Gina were my two favourites from day one. If I can feel positive towards one aspect of this show then I'm glad that the "villains" were evicted early and perceived accurately upon the end of their experience on the show, whilst the true characters and good-hearted contestants were subsequently recognised in the ways they deserved.

Despite the decline of both the show's audience and potential prospects of the Big Brother alumni, I genuinely do think that Gina, Dexter and Hazel will experience near fame as a result of their stints on the show. The remainder of the housemates I truly believe will be forgotten about promptly following the start of Celebrity Big Brother this week; however for those three I do not see BB as being the end of their recognition, or should I say notoriety? Mainly down to the fact these three never lived 'normal' lives in the first instance and were always immersed within the showbiz scene, however I do feel that they are all charismatic and more importantly intelligent enough to further their careers and open up more doors for themselves. Sam I guarantee will never be heard of again; the twins, Dan, Wolfy, Travers duo and (of course) Calum, will all burn out shortly after a number of appearances on Bit on the Side within the next few weeks.

I'd like to think the show has more life in itself to continue. I don't ever think the show will be the hit 'must see' television it once was. Big Brother could have in many ways plunged this series with a variety of controversial, new and innovative twists but didn't. In an attempt that for me was considerably effortless and predictable they fortunately did enough to build the momentum across the series and claw back viewers and earned media. I will definitely tune in again for next year's civilian series. As for CBB, they do overdo it slightly with two series a year. The laughing stock of each line-up never ceases to amaze me with the drought of actual celebrities within it; please do let me know if you actually give two shits about Whitney Houston's daughter? However for the sake of two weeks, it's some more light hearted trash TV to indulge in for any pop-culture fanatic such as myself.

What did you think of the outcome of the final? Was Sam the right winner in your eyes? And was this series one of your favourites?