04/08/2014 08:22 BST | Updated 03/10/2014 06:59 BST

'Big Brother' 2014 - Week Eight Recap

Last week Big Brother claimed the public had the power. Aside from a couple of very trivial decisions that made very little impact to the show, it was probably the most underwhelming power trip this series has yet seen.

Last week Big Brother claimed the public had the power. Aside from a couple of very trivial decisions that made very little impact to the show, it was probably the most underwhelming power trip this series has yet seen.

The first decision and only prominent one the viewers made was giving Ashleigh immunity from this week's eviction, however the public's power was entirely made redundant promptly by the fact straight nominations followed without a single twist or additional variable. Expectedly, the housemates utilised the conventional scapegoating technique, providing the viewers with knowledge that the insider clique formed by the original housemates is now too solid to be broken and that the final will remain predictable.

This week's task saw the series utilise digital technology and embrace the media and the wired world. Typical to what the show is about, every housemate was made to partake in an array of frivolous and demoralising activities for Big Brother's Facebook page, including Christopher forcefeeding himself chocolate cake topped with chilli sauce and Winston performing a number of sexual visuals at Luisa Zissman's request. Ash being given a lime mankini to prance around in definitely jumped out at me when I noticed how the producers were continuing to portray certain characters in specific ways. The notable quantity of Facebook "likes" he had received for his clip substantially towering over his other housemates clips did not surprise me, as of course his popularity is superficially based on the fact he is liked purely on the fact he is seen as a sex object to the female audience.

On the topic of Ash, I expect him to make the final because he has little depth and is seen as an easygoing character. It's a huge shame that the public are swayed by factors as shallow as physical appearance, rather than intrinsically unique qualities that many evictees possessed who the fickle public failed to withstand. In retrospect, regardless of whether or not I was a Zoe fan; I think it's a shame that the public would not forgive her for a careless comment regarding the working public that she clearly did not mean, yet forgave Ash for a malicious name-calling incident several weeks back. This further represents how the public perceive certain housemates with biasness and the flaws in the Big Brother viewers voting habits.

Housemates were also exposed to a variation of outside world opinions, aired into the house for the intention of stirring up potential drama. Given that the housemates are FINALLY learning how Big Brother attempts to interject such a spin for an entertainment agenda, most housemates remained strong willed enough to resist a production stir. Unfortunately, Mark was the only one given a slight self-esteem knock, upon the revelations made that his behavior towards fellow 'frenemy' Christopher has been perceived as unkind; yet I continue to wonder how the public choose to chant his name with spite on eviction night instead of "others" who really do actually deserve it.

I am continually asked via social media whether or not my opinions of certain housemates have changed since I have left. I will admit that of course, a number of individuals who I had considered myself to be friendly with have somewhat surprised me with their actions in recent weeks, however as a social experiment with ever-changing dynamics this was bound to happen as the series developed. Yes, I do believe Helen has manipulated Ashleigh into a false alliance due to the fact both girls see each other as threats. Similarly, I do think Chris has been slightly unfair on Pav, which I partially take responsibility for. Big Brother is an unpopularity contents and each week another housemate becomes the new hate target for the brutal audience. I only hope that the most deserving ones prevail in the end and I continue to have faith that they will; Christopher and Mark of all people.

My Predictions: I have no doubt it will be at least a double eviction this week. I am very worried in thinking that Chris will be one of the two housemates evicted next Friday, unfortunate enough to miss out on a well deserved place in the final. I believe Ash should be the second housemate to go, but of course this all depends on how the housemates nominate.