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Big Brother 2016 - Week Four Review

I've gone from loving Andy to loathing him, to not knowing how I feel about him. His agenda and intentions, seen enigmatic at times simply because he's smart and his thought process cannot be read by the majority of housemates, let alone viewers...

When this series of Big Brother launched, it was clearly intended to differ from any regular channel five series. Whilst the ratings are said to have dropped from last year's Timebomb (which was a huge under-performance in itself), the entertainment has been on point this time around. As the series continues to progress with more storylines unfolding and each housemate showing multiple sides to their characters, this year's house has not been short of drama. Ironically, as we reach the point where it seems that a full ten week drama-filled series seems promising after all, channel five announce that the series has been axed down to just three further weeks.

Why this decision has been made and how Big Brother will evict the remaining fifteen housemates in such a short space of time raises quite a few questions. I'm personally disappointed in this decision as I love a long civilian series. If anything, I just hope that the series is not rushed and that the announced "Annihilation week" doesn't end up anything like Timebomb's four in, four out twist that took place last year.

Often in Big Brother, there is an early favourite that has the potential to go far and the public dub the potential winner early on. In this series, Georgina was instantly highlighted as one of the fan's top females in the show's first week. Due to the public's dislike of Marco and Georgina's disdainful approach to his behaviour, she seemed to have gained a lot of support early on.

Her relationship with Jackson has been antagonising and stressful to watch, to say the least. It is clear that both Georgina and Jackson are two very insecure people with little self confidence when it comes to love, however their whole relationship was based on their mutual co-dependency for validation through one another. How anyone can claim they love someone they've known for three weeks is laughable. In Big Brother you often believe you share a special bond with these people you've gone through such an intense experience with. In the outside world, you quickly learn that these bonds are superficial and that the feelings you evoke towards others were often momentary.

Although there were traits of Georgina that I detested, such as her being entirely unreasonable, self centred and juvenile, I did like how she differed from the majority of females. Whilst Laura and Evelyn as just like most girls that enter the house, in hope of being seen as sweet and endearing, whilst promoting their sexuality, she had a fresh personality and was far more honest, upfront and bold than any other girl.

Jackson has aggravated me repetitively over the last week. I've never personally taken well to an angry chav with an attitude (who put on an accent to ensure they sound even more 'street'). Without Georgina, he needs to stands on his own two feet because he has been portrayed as an incredibly feeble man.

Last week I had started to feel less tolerant of watching Charley and Jason's repetitive and monotonous interactions. It seems as if Charley has now reached the bitterness stage of Jason's and her breakup since she is doing everything she can to turn the rest of the house against him. Ironically, whenever Charley is shown to look as foolish and idiotic as she quite clearly is, she plays the blame game, telling Jason that he will soon "have her evicted" as if whenever she makes herself look bad, he has intended to do so. Whilst, I have a great deal of respect for Jason for being so patient with her, I am not surprised it took him double the amount of time to get rid of her as it did to get her; It's one rule for him and another for herself.

Charley is too emotionally immature to come to terms with this breakup and it is quite sad to see her embarrass herself in front of a million viewers. She is like a broken record, continually forcing him and others to have the same conversations on the subject of her desire to win him back. It seems as if she will not stop until Jason changes his mind, which seems more than unlikely now she has self-destructed continually. I'd like to see Charley evicted soon as its wasting airtime that can be used to highlight other characters with stronger personalities.

I've gone from loving Andy to loathing him, to not knowing how I feel about him. His agenda and intentions, seen enigmatic at times simply because he's smart and his thought process cannot be read by the majority of housemates, let alone viewers. It is clear he is fundamentally misunderstood in the house; however I also feel he does himself few favours in attempting to repair the perception his housemates have of him as crafty and cunning. Andy's mind appears to be a battlefield with him finding it hard to stay true to his innate character, whilst attempting to get along with his housemates for survival. Without knowing whether I actually like him or not, I do appreciate him. His diary room monologues are often spot on in terms of accuracy and insight, whilst his vernacular is quite exquisite to listen to. It's fair to say his role is required in the house amongst a group with plenty of vapid characters that do not poses the same level or wit or communicative force as Andy.

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